Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More space stuff

But first, an update on my whining.

The ol' Achilles tendon is still sore, but much improved. Maybe the public whining did the trick. More likely it was simply time and rest. I tend toward whining when I'm resting injuries, but that's a poor excuse for inflicting it on you kind readers.

Anyway, space. If you can stand to slog all the way through there's something kinda cool toward the end, where it'll all (hopefully) come together.

So there was this:

And then there was this:

Same name, different location. Fallon, Nevada, to be precise. Found the image on the interwebs.
If you've ever done a Fallon det, you've probably done Pigs in Space. And that's more than enough on that topic.

So how did the promise of "more space stuff" devolve into this?

It all starts in my mind, I guess. I got an email earlier today with a subject line promising "Ammo To Space!" For some reason my goofy brain went into a pigs in space flashback, and that made me smile.

But I'm seriously digressing. Because this is really cool.

9mm Ammo for Sale with Free Shipping -

AmmoMan is an online ammunition store based in Newark, New Jersey. They've been doing this since 1998, pretty much the dawn of the interwebs. That in itself is pretty cool, and if you think about it, it tends to give lie to the progressive anti-gun narrative. If most Americans hated yucky-icky guns, places like AmmoMan wouldn't exist. Nor, by the way, would 88.8 percent of Americans own firearms. But I digress.

From their website:

Most seasoned shooters are all too familiar with the fact that the Russians have brought a firearm and ammo into orbit aboard the International Space Station. While the Ruskies didn’t bring a 9mm chambered pistol, it didn’t sit well with us that the Russians could potentially be armed while our NATO allies would go without proper ammunition.
So, the team here at decided to do something about it.
We pulled our best physicists off the warehouse floor and we came up with a solution: put a round of 9mm ammo into near space so our NATO allies would be properly armed in the event Russian relations become even more hostile and cold than they are currently.
The results our team gathered were astounding. Armed with packing tape, balsa wood, and a trunk full of helium, the ammunition went on a 120,000-foot journey into the unknown over the course of several hours. (That's more than 22 miles!)
On that trip, temperatures fluxed more than 160-degrees, from a steamy 84.5 degrees at ground level all the way down to -77.8 degrees Fahrenheit as the 9mm cartridge reached its highest point. Then, we imagine the weather balloon that powered the journey froze up and the ammunition began a parachuted fall to ground. Or, Russians intercepted our delivery and are now studying the NATO round to glean whatever knowledge possible from our technology.

No matter what the real reason for the balloon's puncture and descent, the rig landed about four hours after initial lift-off. The rig came back to ground level, gobbled up by the branches of a tree inside a state park where our boys were able to recover it --- 41 miles west of its initial launch point. (Don't worry, the round was inert, loaded with a dead primer and no powder so if it had landed in the wrong hands, it couldn't have been used against us!)

So that's just cool.

Now some folks appear to take issue with advertising on blogs. I can understand that if the advertising is so poorly done that it detracts from the primary purpose of the blog and hinders reader enjoyment. But a clear majority of anti-advertising reactions are progressive in nature and made by those wonderful folks who despise capitalism while leeching sustenance from the golden eggs provided by the capitalist goose.

Those are the same people who hate yucky-icky guns and every poopy-head who doesn't agree with them. So to those folks I say,

I like the cut of AmmoMan's jib. Not only do I not mind promoting them in this humble space, I am proud and happy to do so.

I plan to purchase much ammunition from them.


  1. "Pigs in Space, Pigs in Space... Now, that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time."

    I am waiting with bated breath to see how you treat on that subject!

  2. I was going to leave it at that, but I'm sensing a disruption in the Force. I suspect I'll have to do some splainin' to set things right.

  3. "Pigs in Space," heard of this, I have.