Thursday, July 2, 2015

Corpsman Chronicles VII: No Slack in Light Attack

Sarge has a 2014 BugBall video up at his place.

Great video. Those Hornet guys and gals are superb.

They stand on the shoulders of giants.

Hey, I'm olden. And I'm in this video in three (count 'em THREE!) places.


  1. Nice!

    You will need to tell us the timestamps to look for to see where you are at in the videos. Just sayin'...

    At the 3:12 mark there is a flyby of a Sprucan. The hull number looked awfully familiar. Yup, DD-977, USS Briscoe, my son's first ship. Before she was refitted with the Mk-41 VLS system fore and aft. Of course, before she was expended in a SINKEX.

  2. I'm wearing dungaree trousers and a grungy white float coat with a red cross and a grungier whitish helmet. 1:09 over by the huffer in the six pack; 1:48, scratchin my @$$ over by the Intruder; 3:58-4:03 rig the barricade.