Thursday, July 9, 2015


Interesting topic over at Sarge's Place, which I read as a discussion about why "gubmint" is off the rails.

Now interestingly, I just happen to be presently dealing with local gubmint that's gone completely off the rails.

Or, if you prefer (as I do):

Don't really want to get into the details now, though I guarantee I will in the near future. Suffice to say that after the meeting I had earlier today, face to face with openly unprincipled and dishonest politicians, bureaucrats and professional government victims, I needed to take a stinging hot shower, scrub down with lysol, and drink a quart of bleach.

As disgusting as the slime is, the problem facing our nation isn't slime. Slime is as slime does. The problem is the sheer number of sovereign American citizens who are perfectly content to let the slime exist and multiply.

Still, it's a bad feeling to look at those people and realize that they don't see you -- in fact cannot see you -- as a sovereign citizen. Nope, in the eyes of the slime you're just a thing, an object to be manipulated.

Need me another quart of bleach just now.

Anyway, on to the main attraction. The B-58 Hustler. Invented to irradiate slime with the MK53BA. Ahh, nostalgia.


And some pretty cool videos...

Have a great American Day, fellow Sovereigns! Stand by to go weps free on slimy scumbags!


  1. Roger Cowman, you are cleared in hot.

    Hit my smoke.

  2. Heh.

    At 9 MT, I can miss your smoke by just a skosh. The B-52 Bubbas called the MK 53/B53's "crowd pleasers."

  3. I have read that the skin of the B-58 was an aluminum composite, and aluminum 'plywood', if you will. One of the reasons for the retirement of he Hustler, apparently, was that the heat generated by supersonic training missions was causing the 'plywood' to delaminate.

    1. That jet was really out there on the aerodynamic frontier. I'm not sure if it was the first or one of the first to use the aluminum "honeycomb" skin laminate, but the combination of delta wing and that skin made it extremely strong. There are quite a few very good books out there on the Hustler. One of my favorites is a novel by Philip Rowe called "At the Klaxon's Call."