Monday, July 13, 2015

Shootin' 010

Yesterday I sent my farmer/rancher friend from Herefordshire* a couple of whatsapp videos featuring my trusty Colt M-4 (actually an LEC, the non-selective fire version, but it's my story and I'll tell it the way I wanna). The rifle was being fired by some fat guy.

I thought Elwyn and his friends and neighbors might enjoy seeing a genuine black rifle in all its legal and proper glory.

He wondered whether I needed to have a license and if so, whether it had to be periodically renewed. I responded with a bit about the 2nd amendment and the Constitution. He also wondered how much it cost to shoot.

The answer to that one is about 17 cents per round for the 5.56.

Most importantly, he asked why I didn't show him the target!  :)

Well, I'm just learning this video-graffy stuff. Today I shot the target getting shot, and did a nice little bumbling informational video. Since I'm pretty shy, I had the fat guy stand in for me in front of the camera.

And therefore without further adudes, voila!

Have a great day!

*if ya'll is a kounty kommissar or kounty klark, Herefordshire is in England, and no, that ain't out thar by boston


  1. Yours is a Colt LE6920? Mine is a Ruger AR556. I am thinking of adding a Colt LE6920 OEM1 to the herd. $739.00, if I am willing to buy the funiture seperately, which I am willing to do,as I would get the stock and fore end I want, and not have figue out what to do with the ones that came with it. There are rumors of a semi auto HK G36 being imported into he US. Pity it will probably cost $5000.00.

    1. Yep. 020xxx so produced during or just before the ban, if I understand correctly.

  2. Boston is in Linconshire, on the East coast.

  3. Nothing like getting outside and popping off a few rounds.

    Sad to say it's been a long time since I've done that.

    1. I've got apps for that!

      Next time you're driving through or otherwise in the neighborhood gimme a shout.