Monday, June 29, 2015

Corral project

Selected parts of a day in the life.

Finally getting back up to speed and feeling close to normal.

When I get a chance to catch my breath I'll try to throw up some words.


  1. Those cows were booing you!

    (Could've been mooing, I dunno, Google Translate doesn't handle Bovine to English at all.)

  2. Sometimes I wonder. My best guess is that the cows are calling their calves, doing the only thing they can to try to regain their with-calf comfort level. I most commonly state that authoritatively and with confidence, however, I'm not a cow and have no way of knowing for certain. I'm all but certain, yet correlation does not prove causation. They might well be booing me.

  3. In the top photo, has one of your cows been shooting the fencepost with her .22?

    1. That's an old utility pole, cut down to make big corner posts. I think most of those holes are divots from linemen's climbing spikes.

    2. Oh, OK. I am glad your cows are responsible, and don't vandalise. Wisconsin cows are a rowdy bunch.