Monday, June 8, 2015

Brown Chitis

Sometime back in the depths of the cold war I came across a list of medical malaprops. One was "Smilin' Mighty Jesus" (spinal meningitis). Another was "Brown Chitis" (bronchitis).

Well, my chest cold went to Brown Chitis. I'm on the mend and back to work but it was a crappy few days in there. Oh well.

I did read Herbert McBride's "A Rifleman Went to War," a memoir of an American fighting with the Canadians in The Great War. A kindle bargain at only $2.53 or something.

Couple of cattle vids, just for fun.

Have a great navy day!


  1. I get Brown Chitis every now and then, so I am beaming Healing Vibes in your direction, Dude.