Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More new camera

Still on a journey of discovery with the new camera.

Yesterday I showed an image of AirLink "hauling one of my neighbors to the big city sawbones." Threw up a video of the helo on approach to our local hospital as well.

Turns out the neighbor is a relative, an 18 year old kid who is my nephew's cousin, the nephew of my sister's ex. I don't know the kid but he was always one of the noisy kids scampering around at family get-togethers. Anyway, yesterday morning he was a whole young man, recently graduated from high school and looking forward to college. Early yesterday afternoon his life changed forever in a single car rollover. The words "severed spine" and "paralyzed" keep coming up.

So a lot of food for thought around the ranch today. Brutally speaking, maybe it'll be a good lesson for his impressionable cousin, my nephew, who is "working" on the ranch for a few weeks.

Or not.

A zillion years ago in San Diego at Hospital Corps school, the very first real patient I cared for during my hospital rotation was an 18 year old Marine who'd suffered a c-spine fracture in a motorcycle accident. I took a lesson. I never, ever, climbed on a motorcycle after that. Right lesson? Wrong lesson? Who cares, it's the one I took.

This human tragedy unfolding nearby helps put things in a bit of context and perspective. I've been moaning a lot about how long it's taking to get back to full speed following an illness. I'm not gonna stop moaning, but at least I'm still tottering around on my own pins.

Okay, enough philosophizing. On to the pics.

Nona the Wonder Dog
Shoefly on Kochia
Western Salsify
More rust
Old-style battery
Prickly lettuce
Times 2
My new weather station!
Case Threshing Machine
Mama and the cow dogs

And that oughta be enough for today.


  1. Like that pic of your Nona. Funny how dogs seem to know their picture is being taken,
    and hit just the right pose. Jim

  2. Rust can have a beauty of it's own, can't it? I see the weather station has a new post, as well. You know that that CASE thresher was made by BADGERS!

    1. I think the weather station is made by badgers as well...

    2. It must be a LaCrosse! I had one of those with a strange display. There was an LCD figure of a young woman, and her clothes changed along with the temprature. When it was bitter cold, she would be wearing a fur coat and mukluks, and eventually, by the mid 80's, she was in a bikini.