Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Autumn fades

After a three day weekend of the most beautiful autumn weather you can imagine, nature called in her markers and kissed us with a bit of typical November weather.

I was trying to recall the words to the state song of Nebraska, but it's been a lot of years since second grade music class with the demanding Miss Meyer. So my recollection was incomplete.

Beautiful Nebraska

Beautiful Nebraska, peaceful prairieland,
Laced with many rivers, and the hills of sand;
Dark green valleys cradled in the earth,
Rain and sunshine bring abundant birth.

Beautiful Nebraska, as you look around,
You will find a rainbow reaching to the ground;
All these wonders by the Master's hand;
Beautiful Nebraska land.

We are so proud of this state where we live,
There is no place that has so much to give.

Beautiful Nebraska, as you look around,
You will find a rainbow reaching to the ground;
All these wonders by the Master's hand,
Beautiful Nebraska land.

I'm just a bit meh about the song. That's just me though.

The weekend was nice though.

And the "storm" wasn't all that bad.


  1. I recall my winters in Nebraska as being "tolerable." Except for the two weeks (every year of four) where the temps dropped below zero and stayed there. Then the wind would blow. Brrrrrrrrrr.

    We had our first "hard" frost in Little Rhody this morning. (Others may remember that differently, I had to spend time scraping frost off the car windows. Took more effort than the first two times this year.)

    Some say this winter will not be "that bad" in Little Rhody. I'm not putting any money on that!

  2. I really dislike the winter weather in the eastern part of the state. The humid air down there along the river makes the cold seem worse.

    We've been quite fortunate with the mild weather so far. There'll be plenty of wintry weather to go around I'm sure, in the mean time, I don't mind the mild. Even Tuesday's "storm" was remarkably mild compared to real November storms.

    Always fun to consider the predictions made; usually there are as many mild as harsh predictions and the outcome usually falls somewhere in the middle.

  3. There are storms and then there are Storms. The first kind make you cold or wet, the other kind keep you alive.
    Keep practicing.
    I really like your blog. My Mom was from Fort Sumner NM and her dad had a hugh ranch. Only got see it once.

    1. Thanks! I certainly will keep practicing.

      Some of those New Mexico ranches are amazing. A few even have their own interstate exit.

  4. Beautiful Nebraske is no On, Wisconsin, is it?
    On, Wisconsin, On, Wisconsin,
    Fight right through that line!
    Run the ball clear through Chicago,
    A touchdown sure this time!
    On, Wisconsin, On, Wisconsin,
    Grand Old Badger State!
    Fight, fellows, fight
    And we'll win this game!

    There are about 5 sets of lyrics to On, Wisconsin, these were the first to come to mind.

    We are supposed to get our first measureable snow Friday night. Right now, it is 35, with 30 mph winds, so it is crisp in Baraboo!

    1. Oh, Nebrasky has a fight song too, but the way Wisconsin stomps 'em into the ground these days I'm to embarrassed to remember the words.