Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I don't get no respect


Reminded me of this:

There's some evidence that the lack of respect might be well deserved...

Calving is a great time of the year.

Even the burrowing owls are having calves.

This big bull weighed 140+ pounds! Normal is 70-90. Cow had him unassisted.
May your spring abound with zest and wonder.


  1. Not much cuter than new calves. What's the story on 879?

    1. I agree. Not sure what you mean by 879's story, but it's actually an interesting one. I pulled her out of a quickly developing snowdrift shortly after she was born, unresponsive but still alive. I plonked her in the big clawfoot bathtub (boy did I catch hell) filled with steaming water and managed to snatch her back from the jaws of hypothermia. It's a practice we still use as needed, though we now use a poly tank in the shop instead of the clawfoot in the throne room. She's one of my favorite cows. It was a wet morning when I took the picture. Half hour later the calf was completely dry with a full belly.

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    1. It is. One of the four most awesome seasons!

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    1. Had another one of those yesterday. Kind of scratching my head. As long as they're having them without difficulty it's not a problem but those two are pushing the limits.