Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Sarge has some great pics up of the WWII aircraft flyover that took place in the District of Corruption over the weekend. One of the images featured a flock of Stearmans (no, not Stearmen) flying over the USDA.

Which made me think how refreshing it would have been had the whole lot -- more than 40 aircraft including heavy bombers -- pickled fused ordnance over that special place.

But I digress. The Stearmans made me think of a visit three of those noble steeds made to KIBM last year.

In chatting with the pilots, I mentioned Stephen Coonts' book The Cannibal Queen. "Throw it away," they chorused, "that path leads to madness and financial ruin!"

Having read the book, you see, each of them -- former Air Force and Navy pilots -- had rushed out and snapped up a Stearman.

So they were mad and nearly broke, but living the dream. Not a bad trade.

And so with no more silly words at all, here are a few images. Click for larger.


  1. AND you're a Stephen Coonts fan?

    This is my surprised face. Seriously, he's a favorite author. And the Stearmans?

    Very nice. Very lovely.

    Good stuff Shaun. (Again. my surprised face...)

    1. Thanks Sarge.

      I remember when they ran the first chapter of Flight of the Intruder in Proceedings, the U.S. Naval Institute's monthly publication. USNI was the publisher of the novel, and that first chapter teaser preceded release of the book by about six weeks or so, iirc. When I finished the teaser I drove immediately to Waldenbooks (remember, this was back in the neolithic) and forked over my cash to pre-order a copy. I visited Waldenbooks every single day (well, mostly) until that novel came in. I know have met/worked with/for some of the guys who went into making composite characters in that book. That said, I'm not much of a politico-techno-thriller fan. I'm more of a young Jake Grafton fan. But that's just me.

  2. Who's NOT a Stephen Coonts fan? I'm not sure he's my favorite author (I'm not sure I HAVE a favorite author), but he's on my Kindle AutoBuy list. You do have that feature enabled don't you? The only thing that'll drain your bank account quicker is buying a Stearman.

    And that bastige was out again last Sunday, looping and rolling his heart out. Directly above my house. Laughing at me. Curse You, Red Baron!

    1. Not too late to jump on the bandwagon! I can see a steely-eyed young Eagle Driver taking on the Kims and winning the world crud championship. Like to see it on my kindle, in fact...

  3. The Awesome Stearmans... love them and a close second the Travel Air... real flying!