Saturday, February 13, 2016

Buncha disndat

Seems like it's been forever since I posted anything. I guess 16 days isn't forever though. I've had a lot of stuff to post about, and I've taken more than enough pictures and videos, but just haven't found the time.

Really don't have the time this morning but I'm waiting for some laundry to dry and that's excuse enough.

We got hammered with a pretty significant winter storm on Groundhog Day. Nothing unseasonal, mind you, but quite enough snow, ice, wind and cold to keep me jumping. As I've noted before (ad nauseam), everything is harder in the winter. Keeping cattle checked and fed and stock tank ice chopped isn't that taxing and doesn't take all that much time, but navigating through blowing and drifting snow is particularly time consuming.

I got myself stuck several times over the last couple of weeks and had to do some digging out. Also had a battery go south. So, you know, stuff.

Here's how it all began...

And here's a bit of the middle...

Couple of other bits of stuff. Dang Achilles tendinitis flared up. Of course. In the middle of digging out, which was immediately followed by dead battery, which led to hiking out. Sheesh!

Boy, am I in full whine this morning!

The icing on the cake was another damme birthday.

However, my 16 year old niece Julia rescued me. Her birthday card said:

"So you're another year older. Look on the bright side... Okay, there is no bright side. There's a bright light, but you're gonna want to stay away from that."

Just the medicine I needed!

Then it commenced to warm up a couple of days ago.
Is that a sunshine?

A lot of the snow melted. Last night there was a freezing fog. It persisted into morning. Morning freezing fog is spectacular. Especially when you know it's going to burn off and warm up.
Pretty is just a word.
Sun fighting through.
God art.
So pretty I hate to use the gate opener.
Almost no ice left. This thing was frozen solid a few days ago.
Cowrillas in the mist.

Frankie (who is a girl) approves of the weather change.

She does not, however, approve of my commentary.
Yes, she's relaxing in the kitchen sink. Your point?!?

This kind of beauty just plasters a smile all over my face.

And to put a bit of icing on the cake (groan)...

One swallow does not a spring make, but how about five gooses?

Hope ya'll have a superb weekend.


  1. Give your niece a hug, because that card was funny (and true).

    1. That card made my day, and launched the year of run from the bright light.

  2. Excellent birthday card! Kudos to your niece.

    Some excellent videos of your "backyard." And, FWIW, I counted six geese. There's a grey one, hard to make out, in front of one of the white ones. Second from the left. You have to look closely but it's there. (I'm assuming the grey one is a "blue morph"? Yes, I've been reading again...)

    Great stuff Shaun!

    1. Holy cow you've got the good eyes. I never saw that one. We often see snow geese overhead, but rarely on the ground. You know it's some serious clag when even the birds are walking. They seem to be migrating a bit early, but Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow...

  3. Pretty hardly seems adequate for trees rimes with frost fog like that. I wish I had known about your birthday. As Sgt Goodrich will confirm, I am The Birthday Badger, who brings Warm Birthday Greetings, and Wishes for Lots of Pie in the Year to Come. So, a belated Happy Birthday, Shaun, you are Badger Approved!

    1. I agree. Sometimes the language lacks good enough words. Thanks for the birthday wishes. If I'd have known about the pie wishes I'd have made sure you had advance warning. I'll try to get it right in future.

    2. Ahem, that's MASTER Sergeant Goodrich...