Friday, November 6, 2015

knight wrangler

The phone rang at 2230. KSO.

But before it rang the sun set on a beautiful day.

Frankie and Taco thought it had been a pretty good day too. Every day is a good day for Frankie and Taco.

But at 2230 the Sheriff's Office called. Cattle out on the county road. It happens.

So I zoomed on out to see what I could see, which wasn't much, given the overcast sky and late hour.

A complicating factor was a flare up of the ol' Achilles tendonitis. Or is it tendinitis? Spell check is all confused like.

At any rate I found the cows, which was a tougher chore than you might first imagine. But I got skills.

Getting them back into the pasture was tricky too.

But again, skills.

I gave myself a bit of a giggle imagining a neophyte attempting the chore. Which wasn't all that hard because I well remember my first Knight Wrangling attempt. A proper Romeo Foxtrot it was, and ended with my trusty old '72 Dodge pickup wedged in a gully, stuck tighter than a bulls @$$ in fly time.

That was a lotta years ago.

Couldn't find where the cows got out, but I'll do that in the morning when I can see and read the tracks.

I called the Sheriff's Office back and thanked Juanita the dispatcher for calling. They always seem surprised when I do that. 


  1. I have chased a few cows in the Line of Duty. Are Taco and Frankie brothers? You need a magnetic mount Federal VisiBeam II for your truck, or at least a hand held Q Beam. Helps find the cowbeasties in the dark. The new Whelen Pan and Tilt is supposed to be an Uber Spotlichte, but at almost $900.00, it had better be!
    I found a VisiBeam on eBay, from Canada, at about $250.00 US, which is a heckuva deal. It doesn't cost much more than a door pillar spot, but is brighter, and with a mag mount, it doesn't put holes in yer truck, and can be removed. There are other remote spots, like the GO Light, but they have gears open to the weater, and the first snow locks them in place, and strips the gears.

    The new LED MagCharger is very, very bright, as is a Streamlight LED Stinger but then you have to hold the light in your hand.

    Of course, a Rancher and a Badger have different lighting needs, and I may be offering overkill. A $30.00 Q Beam from WalMart may be all you will ever need, but a good light is a good friend in the dark.

  2. Forgot the link to eBay:

  3. They're actually sisters. Grandkids named 'em, go figger.

    Thanks a bunch for the light info. I've got a handheld q beam and it gets the job done when needed, but I do like the idea of a mag mounted, hands free unit. And I've got to spend down some profits before the end of the year so unkle shooger doesn't get it all. Time for a little research.

    1. Amazon has VisiBeams! Whodathunkit?

    2. That one you woud have to get some magnets and a power cord, but that is just a length of lamp cord with a cigaerette plug, a trip to the hardware store job

    3. That looks like a good rig and the price is better than I thought it would be. Thanks!

  4. Your cats are awesome.

    Great story too.