Monday, May 23, 2016

Dreams of my delerium

Ever wonder where dreams come from? Not so much the nuts and bolts functioning of the brain during dreaming, but the stuff you see. What is that? Why are those things showing up in that way? What's it all about?

I went to Omaha on a whirlwind trip Friday, returned on Sunday. About 15 hours driving. Which was tiring. I must be getting olden.

Had a great time. Niece had her personal best in both the 800 and the 4x800 on Saturday morning at State Track.. Not quick enough to medal but more than quick enough to put a big smile on unk's face.

Then we (Mom, brother and I) made a quick run through the SAC Museum. Much enjoyment, but only a few pics. It's hard to shoot in there! I'll post what I have later.

'Nother niece graduated high school and had a big reception Saturday afternoon. Great time with family; first time in a dog's age all us sibs have been together. Which of course caused pictures to be taken. Which I won't bother ya'll with.

Stopped on the way home yesterday to buy a new .22 reefle. Ruger 10-22 takedown tactical. Needed a new pickup .22 but I wanted something like the Henry AR-7. The Ruger seems even a better bet. I'll post something on it soon.

Got home, played with and fed the dog, collapsed exhausted into bed.

And had the strangest ongoing series of dreams. Something about wrecking a U-Haul and having the U-Haul mafia after me to make the damage good. Crazy. But where, to the best of my recollection, most dreams are single-episode, this one went on and on all night. Every time I'd wake I'd think, 'ah, glad that one's over," only to return to the dream as soon as the REMs returned.

Today I'm wiped out. Feel like I've been beat with a knotted plow line and pulled through a knothole. Several times.

Hope the U-Haul mafia stay away tonight.

Here's a much more better dream, from back in the day when the Blues flew Scooters. My kingdom for a time machine!

And of course these new guys were waiting for me when I returned.

Wishing you all sweet and mafia-free dreams. :)


  1. I shall be interested in your review of the takedown tactical. I have always wanted an AR-7, but the Ruger does cost less, and has front furniture to keep you from burning one's paws on hot metal.

    I had no idea that you had the cows so well trained that they will put the ear tags on the clves, so they are already marked when you return from trips. I am impressed!

    15 hours is a long drive in a Ranger. I have had 4 pickups, a 1947 IH KB-1, two Rangers, and a full size 4X4 Chevy work truck. The Chevy was the most comfortable to drive long distances with.

    1. Took the Ruger out yesterday afternoon and, out of the box without sighting in, started depopulating the jackrabbit invasion. Seven shots, seven rabbits. I like that in a gun. I did find that I can barely see the sights, or at least barely see thm with the crispness and clarity required for good shooting, so I ordered a tasco .22 red dot last night. I'll hold my review until then.

      I wish they'd tag themselves! I must say I impressed the hell out of myself by catching, tagging and banding three two-day-old calves out on the open prairie. Maybe I'm turning into a real cattleman after all these years. Nah, that can't be it.

      We took the Sunday-go-to-meetin' car to Omaha, a Lincoln MKC. Slightly more comfortable than the ranger, but the lady inside the navigation system is dumber than a box of frankfurters!

  2. So you pretty much went from one end of Nebraska to the other. That is a long drive.

    Dreams are weird, I've given up trying to fathom the rhyme or reason behind my dreams, I just go with the flow. (The mini-series dreams can be frazzling though. I have those on occasion. Weird.)

    1. Yep, Nebraska wall-to-wall. I no longer seem to be able to sit still for hours and hours. Not without developing sore, achy stuff. At least there are usually smiling, chipper girl scouts available at the rest stops to help me hobble across the parking lot.

      And no sigh of the U-Haul mafia last night!

  3. I have a regularly recurring dream. I'm back in the Eagle Squadron, I'm on the schedule, but I can't find my flying boots. The deep psychological meaning contained therein well, 'tis a puzzlement!

    1. Ouch! You could have a lot of fun analyzing that one. I bet there's a psychologist with kids needing braces looking for you! I've been having one lately where I have to look something up on my phone but I can't read the words.