Monday, June 27, 2016

Someday, 1969

This, I think, is a real gem. It's a BBC film done in 1969 featuring members of 501 Squadron, RAF, 29 years after the Battle of Britain. I get the sense that it was made in part as a foil to the movie "Battle of Britain" which was released that same year.

I find the time dimension fascinating. It was 29 years after the fact then, and it's now 46 years later. These men were in the prime of their lives in 1969. Today they are almost certainly all gone. Even the young woman presenter, Gillian Strickland, has gone.

The fellow who really grabs my attention in this film is Ginger Lacey. He had 20 years left in 1969, and a daughter who was a mushroom-hunting companion who was likely just a bit younger than me. I wonder what her life has been?

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