Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey, baby, there ain't no easy way out

It's been a rough August.

I saw something on the interwebs that very nearly crushed my soul completely.

I was preparing to stick a blog post on the facebook. For some reason that seemed like a good idea, putting old post up on fb. Reach a few more people, steer folks to the blog, increase traffic.

I scrolled down the "news feed" to see what all the batshit crazy fb posters were up to and a video began to play.

Just another execution video. Buncha goat fucking aloha snackbars with ak's, a long, long line of victims on their knees facing east with a brand new sunrise illuminating the last moments of their lives.

They were kids.

Not babies, but kids. Probably 10-15. Not 10-15 kids, 10-15 years old. There were more than 200 of them.

I couldn't believe the comments. Many were filled with foaming-at-the-mouth hatred. Unsurprising. A hell of a lot of them had twisted this evil deed into campaign invective. Trump and Hillary.

There was a time when most Americans had done at least a bit of serious thinking about the proposition that all men are created equal. That time is long past.

I'm just one guy out on the ass-end of nowhere, and I don't know everybody, but I believe that the people I do know and interact with on a daily basis are pretty representative of good ol', hard working (ahem), middle class America. Most of them do not believe, and have not seriously thought about, that proposition. They know the words, and know that they are "supposed" to agree. But nearly to a man and woman, they each have a long list of yabbuts.

When I say that most do not believe, I don't mean 51 percent. I mean almost all of them. I mean 99 percent. There's your real 99 percent, America. Straight from Lord of the Flies. Feral children who honestly believe they can pick and choose those who are human beings and those who are only objects to be used and discarded.

Your friends and neighbors, for the most part, wear only the thinnest skin of civilization, and they wear that only because they fear the immediate consequences of going full animal; fear being shamed and landing up in a jail cell with bubba the friendly butt plumber.

When I get the chance to talk in some depth to people there's almost always a moment, after we've put the yabbuts aside for the moment and gotten down to basics, where I detect a dim light in the eyes and hear, "I never thought about it that way."

Good god, that's frightening.

It's also the only hope we really have for civilization to continue. People have the ability to be honest and the ability to reason. Honest, reasoning people cannot deny that all humans are human.

And that's all we got.


  1. People seem so isolated from what's going on "out there." As if it was a different planet that couldn't ever possibly affect them. Hard times, they are a'coming.

    1. I suspect that historians will place the onset of the hard times at about 1990. We're living in Caligula's Rome, we are.

      And the firing squads? The gute Deutsche knew for certain that such barbarity could never happen in their homeland...

  2. It being quiet most mornings by 0530, Security stops by my desk for a yak. The three of us have discussed this topic, and how we are very much on Rome's path, and the Visigoths are being brought in by our own government, at great expense. No matter who wins the election this year, we are the losers. One almost envies the Butterbelly Weasel, as his life is so much easier than ours, and he is not intelligent enough to be able to see his destruction coming at him, like we can.

    Our nation had a last chance, with strict Constitutionalists in Walker, Cruz, and Rubio, and a woman who seemed to grasp that we had deep problems that needed resolving, in Fiarino. We would have had a chance with any of them, instead, it's a choice of a loudmouth braggart who never thinks before acting, and the other side is delighted to offer us evil incarnate. But so many people just want to have someone else give them everything, rather than working for it, and would rather have the TV and movies tell them what to think, rather than having to do it themselves, that I fear our Nation is coming to an end. The lights of the shining city on the hill, are going out.