Friday, January 27, 2017


I gave into impulse buying a week or so ago and ordered up some Caveman Coffee. I purchased a bag of Sabretooth beans, and then, on a goofy whim, a bottle of Cold Brew.

Cold brew is a liquid coffee concentrate. You mix it 1:3 with cold water for to make a delightful iced coffee beverage.

Why did I do that? I've never been an iced coffee guy. In fact, I've never tasted real iced coffee, only room temperature coffee, and that sucks.

I could blame it on Sarge, for he occasionally extols the virtue of iced coffee. He is also the only person I know who drinks the stuff.

However, I won't blame it on Sarge. I'll blame it on Joe Rogan. Now Joe is... interesting and complicated. He's a stand-up comedian and fight announcer. He's a really, really, really libertarian libertarian. He and many of his guests smoke a hell of a lot of dope on his podcast. He's not for everyone, and I don't agree with everything he says or does. For instance, he says the best way to work out is to do so stoned. Maybe he's right, but that don't make no sense to me at all.

What the hell am I doing watching Joe Rogan on the interwebs?

Well, when you're on your back for five months trying to heal up from a bone infection, you can only read so many books. I refuse to do tee-vee. I'm not a huge movie fan. But there is a lot of interesting and entertaining stuff on the yewtoobbe.

Rogan is interesting and entertaining.

And in addition to smoking dope on the interwebs, he drinks the Caveman Coffee. Which is probably a paid sponsor. However, he was really enthusiastic about the Cold Brew, particularly when prepared as "Morning Thunder."

Morning Thunder is a cup of the Cold Brew with a shot of MCT. I did a little bit of reading up on the medium chain triglycerides and decided, what the hell, give it a shot.

What I found out, when I fixed my first cup, is that the iced coffee with MCT is really, really tasty. But wow, is it full of caffeine! You simply cannot -- well, I simply cannot -- have a cup of Morning Thunder followed by a regular cup of hot coffee. Talk about pingin' off the walls!

But boy, is that Cold Brew flavorful! It's really, really good. Damme expensive. On the other hand, it comes in a cool steel bottle. So. GREAT flavor. Maybe too much Caffeine. Expensive. Cool steel bottle (shiny shit syndrome). What to do?

And here's another cool interweb trick.

A case of .40 S&W 180gr FMJ-Flat. I've got a case of Federal 180gr HST coming too. The interwebs make buying ammo easy and remarkably inexpensive. This is a good thing. AmmoSeek is a great ammunition search engine.

For a taste of Joe Rogan, this is interesting and worth spending the time to watch and think about.


  1. Most interesting post Shaun.

    There are other ice coffee drinkers. I am just the tip of the iceberg. We are legion.

    Oh, what's that? Okay.

    Just had a call from the Grand Iced Caffeinator, ignore my second sentence. Move along, nothing to see here...

    1. :)

      I was really surprised to like it. And when I get too much caffeine on board I tend to really say really a lot. Really.

      I'm trying to remember the name of an iced coffee movie I saw on television back in the 60's I think. I don't remember the plot but it was set (or part of it was set) in a roadside cafe. One of the main characters was a teenage girl who was drinking iced coffee and the waitress was telling her she was too young to be drinking it. Back in the kitchen the cook stubbed his cigarette out on a hamburger cooking on the flat top, then plated the burger and sent it out. Ring any bells? Anyway, other than your post featuring iced coffee that's the sum of my experience with the beverage.

  2. Cold brew is easy to make at home, if your household makes jelly just use one of the muslin straining bags in a pitcher.

    1. Ah, good to know. I'll have to do some experimenting. Do you let it steep overnight?

      The dirty secret in my household is that we make jam because making jelly is far too tedious. Therefore I'll have to order a muslin straining bag from the interwebs. And then I'll probably find myself making jelly instead of jam when the chokecherries come in...

  3. We make cold brew pretty regularly, and we often just use a regular coffee filter to strain it. Usually you let it sit overnight, but there are lots of different recipes on the interwebs. MCT oil is big in the fitness community that Preston and I have fallen into. I personally use the poor (wo)man's version: coconut oil. Not quite the same, but darn delicious in coffee! Especially when combined with some almond milk. Preston enjoys Joe Rogan, plus too as well. Interesting guy, to say the least!

    1. Ah, so maybe I don't need to invest in a certified organic yak bladder strainer, only $99 with free shipping on Nile Prime! Thanks for the tip! I like Rogan. He's a little bit out there, imo, but hey, living in Kimball I'm rather the opposite of out there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!