Sunday, September 24, 2017

Still alive

Haven't had a lot of spare time lately to connect with the web of world weirdness. It's just stuff, but busy stuff.

Here are a few videos from a farmer friend in Herefordshire. First (and sadly, perhaps the last) a classic English Ploughing Competition.

Next, stacking straw bales. These are used as bedding whilst cattle and sheep are housed indoors during the wet English winter.

And finally, the scene near the White Hart Inn and Bunkhouse near Brecon, Wales. Lovely countryside.


  1. Thanks for the post; missed you these past days. Hope that things are going as well as can be expected.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Ahem, and where have you been Paul? We've missed you as well.

    2. I'm still in a head up my a** snit over blogger not posting my comment some time ago. I should get over it any day now. I know it wasn't your doing, it's just me being stupid. Thanks for the kind words.


    3. Hahaha!

      (Stupid Google and its errant child, Blogger.)

  2. Ditto what Paul said.

  3. Compared to a 19th century American Deere style plow, the British one is unusual looking. It's so long handled, and shallow moldboarded!
    In the third video, there is a rather new John Deere driving past. You can almost hear it snickering. That Lanz is havig a tough go of it, in that heavy soil, and so it that little crawler.

  4. I had figured (hoped) that you were too busy to post.

    Good stuff from Blighty. I have ever loved the English countryside.

  5. So just how does one score a ploughing competition anyhoo?