Friday, April 13, 2018


And stuff.
As the storm faded this evening. In the morning I'll be travelling to Guernsey, Wyoming for a conference. That's smack in the middle of the colorful patch just below the "la" in "Wheatland." I expect the color to be gone by then.

Bit of a winter storm here today. According to the NWS, it was THIS CLOSE!!! to a blizzard. It had all the elements. Snow! Cold! Wind! But, gosh darn it, it wasn't snowy enough or cold enough or windy enough to be, well, an actual blizzard. A good analogy is this. The Nebraska Cornhuskers were THIS CLOSE!!! to being National Champions last year. They had a team! They had opponents! They played games! But, gosh darn it, they lost a lot of games to mediocre teams and didn't even qualify for a bowl game, and that's not close enough to be, well, actual champions. So yeah, it was almost a blizzard and we were almost undisputed national champs. And all like that.

Nevertheless, Nebraska played its games and they were no-shit division-one games, with plenty of smash-mouth and excitement and good solid effort.

Likewise, We did have a solid winter storm today, and my snarkiness aside, it was nothing to laugh about. It would have killed an unsheltered and typically asinine 2018 model human-type 'merkin in less than an hour. There was a lot of fury in that storm. It was magnificent, as such storms are. We got about 5-6 inches of wet snow on a day where the temperature hovered right around the freezing mark, and that snow was driven by northwest winds that averaged 30 mph all day with gusts that averaged 45 mph and touched 60 mph more than a few times.



There's a Muley doe and two fawns bedded down in that thicket to the left of the Juniper. :)



Awe inspiring

(.40 S&W Federal 180gr HST/25 yards/SIG P229C 3.75"bbl)

(5.56mm Hornady Black 77gr SBR BTPS/200 yards/AutoLok AL15 10"bbl (1/7twist))

(5.56x45mm 62gr Federal Mk318 SBR BTOTM/200 yards/AutoLok AL15 10"bbl (1/7twist))

In a few hours I'll get up, coffee up, fire up the Lincoln, and tool on up and over to Guernsey. The two-day rangeland conference should be filled with valuable information for my continuing and new ranch endeavors.

On a sad note, my brother's mother-in-law passed early this morning. Seemingly hale and hearty yesterday, she had a sudden onset of belly pain last night and underwent surgery just after midnight. No need to go into a lot of medical details, but they were unable to control her bleeding and she expired in the ICU a couple of hours later. The family was present when she passed, and though it's a terrible blow they'll someday be glad that they were there when Char departed for her next adventure.


  1. Friends on the Colorado Western slope lucked out. The precipitation was 90% rain. They needed the moisture but a little colder and it would have been 2-3' of snow. Not what you want when your herds are calving.

    Condolences to your brother and family.

    1. Thanks. Sometimes the difference between survival and death is measured in a few degrees or a few points in the clotting factor.

  2. Condolences.

    That storm looked wet and cold. (Sounded pretty furious as well!)

  3. We are expecting 4"-6" of snow, 2 inches of rain, and up to 1/4" of ice this weekend! YAY! Will this winter ever end?

  4. Condolences to your brother and his family.

  5. Life becomes so fragile as we grow older. Changes happens so quickly. Sincere condolences to your brother and his family.

  6. I add my condolences to your brother and his family.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  7. I was thinking how much I dislike the wind when it's dry and sunny.
    Don't even want to be anywhere around when it's like that.

    My condolences to all, as well.

    1. As they say, it's fun to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there (in the wind, that is).


  8. Condolences to the family.

    We have had 80 degree days recently, then it turns to rain and wind, like today. No complaining here...we need the rain.

    1. Thanks Brig. The nice days are always more enjoyable with the recollection of nearby miserable days echoing around in the mind.