Thursday, December 6, 2018

Õnnelik lumi

That's "happy snow" in Estonian.

Why Estonian? Well, it seems we Evertsons came from Estonia. If we didn't spring originally from Estonia, it seems we at least paused there for a good long time some 15-20 generations ago. More or less. Probably. Maybe. Who knows? I wasn't there. But the evidence I've scraped up seems to have overturned the Norway/Sweden lore I heard so often in my youth. Butt I digress.

Why happy? Well, the overnight snow was very light and fluffy and -- most importantly -- easy and even fun to scoop this morning.

Nona sure enjoyed it.

Curiously, the geese were flying east.

It was coldish -- about 19 degrees -- but there was very little wind this morning. When it's cold and still and the snow is light and fluffy the dreaded chore of scooping is transformed into a joyous, heart-lifting lark.

So yeah, happy snow. Õnnelik lumi!


  1. If it ( the snow ) is so light and there is so little ( depth ) of it, wouldn't a leaf blower work as well as a shovel?

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. Our dog when I was growing up, Goobs, loved deep snow. He would wade out into it, lower his nose into it, and take off, a red furry V-plow

    1. Nona sure seems to like the snow. She loses her ball in it sometimes though, then expects me to magic it back into existence. It ain't easy being a magician.