Thursday, May 23, 2019

Awesome with a side of way cool

Awesome surprise in the mail today. "Hi Shaun, For driving in Nebraska... From BJ"

Not many of those in Nebraska. Thanks BJ!

Following a rough week or 10 days Dad had a good day today. Yesterday he was sure he didn't want to make the trip to town for his albumin infusion, but this morning he was rarin' to go. For some values of rarin', but still.

His sodium was up to 128, which we're attributing to the Red Bull.

Last week he asked me what Red Bull is, and it turns out his curiosity came from a Sonic commercial which I gather features a Red Bull slush. I picked up a couple of cans for him to try, knowing he'd never try it, and if he did, he'd hate it.

He likes it. Go figure. :)

Low sodium is a bad deal. Your body needs electrolytes to function properly. If your sodium falls too low a lot of nasty neurological stuff can happen. Dad's been right on the bubble for a while, and his sodium fell all the way to 120 last week. One of his doctors remarked that he'd never seen anyone with a 120 sodium who was conscious, let alone able to get in and out of a chair and push a walker around. Considering that, 128 is very nice to see, even though it's still seven points below normal.

Sometimes a blessing might seem pretty small. To mansplain it though, size doesn't really matter.



  1. Better news than the option... Just sayin...

    1. That's prizackly correct. He's still snatching good hours and days here and there and that's good enough.

  2. Glad to hear dad is doing a bit better, and that you liked the babe.

    1. Thanks Brig. She IS a babe! Takes me right back to Oahu in a former life. :)