Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The New Adventures In Christmas Cooking Show!

I'm going to try to use the new camera to make some images and video of making the Christmas meal today.

And as it turns out I'm going to use my phone because I gave up on figuring out the new camera. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Specifically I am preparing a spiral sliced ham, Cracker Barrel Cheesy Potatoes, and Spinach-Artichoke Casserole.

None of it is challenging. It's all simple fare, simply prepared, and proven over time.

It'll just be Mom and I for the meal; we're the only ones around.


And that plan fell through. I got started with meal prep early and took a few pics. Then I ran out to the ranch to do morning chores. I'm afraid I got captured by the beauty of the morning.

Not to worry, it was early. Plenty of time to cook and eat. Plenty of time for a nice Christmas Grass Message!

And plenty of time to talk snakes in NYC.

And plenty of time to finally finish putting the south unit water system to bed!

Plenty of time to decide whether to replug the stock tanks. SMH, facepalm. Some people shouldn't be allowed to blog or post videos!

Plenty of time to SSDST. Same shit, different stock tank.

Plenty of time to wax philosophic about what this particular Christmas Day smells like. Maybe I gave myself too much time this morning...

And finally, plenty of time to talk snow and soil moisture. Although not very coherently.


Having left myself just enough time to finish cooking and get the meal on the table at the agreed upon time...

Text from Snow Girl. She was feeling a bit less than Christmassy. As was Snow Girl Mom. Brother/Son in treatment, things just weren't as joyous as they could have been.

Yeah, plenty of time. I drove into town and stopped by. We sat around and gabbed for an hour. I told them funny stories about being on the boat at Christmas. Without fail a cook (Mess Management Specialist or MS) would cut part of a finger off. Without fail I'd joke about not throwing the ham/turkey/roast beef out over a little ketchup contamination. Sometimes they'd be shocked. Sometimes they'd agree.

I passed along the best wishes of perfect strangers who heard about them here, and they were surprised, pleased, and appreciative. I think it made things a bit more Christmassy.

There was nothing I could do to solve the Snow Family problems of course, nothing I could do to make Christmas the way they wanted it to be. But I could listen and share some thoughts and experiences and perhaps help them feel a bit less alone. I think it was time well spent. They seemed a lot more upbeat when I left, so that was my good deed for the day.


Mom took the opportunity to go for her pasture walk, and Nona and I met her and Red on the home stretch.

A little bit later we sat down to eat.


Yesterday, by the way, was quite a day. Hit the ground running (for certain values of running) and really didn't stop until a good while after sunset. Nearly all of the day spent outside doing good, solid, useful work. And a bit too much babbling on video. Great day. Sometimes the stars line up and a meh day blossoms into an indescribably wonderful day. The potential is there every day, but it only happens for me when I suit up and show up.


Today was another great day. Not as much work, too much babbling on video, and not a Christmas crowd as we're accustomed to. But we're not the only ones, we are blessed beyond measure, and it was a lovely Christmas after all.

Here's hoping you all had a lovely Christmas too.

Be well and enjoy the blessings of liberty.


  1. Another day with much to be thankful for. Some with more than others, and some with less, but such is life. The harder you work, the luckier you get, so looks like your hard work is paying off.
    Also looks like you got enough leftovers to avoid cooking for a few days.- good news or bad, depending on the cook.
    A great day for a walk, and exercise sure is important for older folks to keep all the parts and pieces working.
    I suspect your visit with the Snow family may have been their best present, so good on ya for taking the time. We cannot fix everything, but you sure do more than your share trying. Some day, you'll get some of that karma stuff back at ya.

    1. A really old Chief -- had to be in his late 30's -- once told me that in the navy, you get back at least as much as you put in, and usually a lot more. Good life training.

      It was a stupid quantity of food for two people, but it'll provide meals for a week.

      Mom is without question the most physically fit 80 year-old in the county. Probably in the state.

      The Snows give me a lot in return. They've got good instincts as do most people. Seems like if I provide an ear they're pretty good at talking themselves through problems and getting to good ideas for solutions.

      I think karma is what that ancient Chief was telling me about.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting John!

  2. Glad you were able to 'help out' those folks. And your mother looks like she is a hoot! Merry Christmas Happy New Year, and best wishes for 2020!

    1. Thanks very much and best wishes to you in the coming year!

      She is a hoot. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Your videos and comments always bring a smile to my face; except when they make me laugh out loud. As when you made the NYC snakes comment. I had been thinking alone those lines just before you said the last bit. Your timing on the punch line was perfect.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  4. Thanks very much Paul. No one is more surprised than I at the noises that come out of my head.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!