Friday, March 27, 2020

Beautiful spring weather

So it's not been sunny and 70 degrees. It's been coolish and foggy-misty-damp. More often than not, this is precisely the kind of weather we have in early spring. Some people call it early spring weather. 

Yesterday morning it was more misty than foggy, but only a little bit misty. There was a fairly low hanging overcast and the 95+ percent humidity made the 34 degree air temperature feel especially, bone-chillingly, cold.

But it wasn't that bad.

Mom had her sheets out on the clothesline and the chickens thought the weather was fantabulistic! I was feeling a bit cranky and not looking forward to my daily hike. Sigh.

Scrambling up my own private Isandlwana was just what I needed. Red thought it was cool beans too.

I pushed the workout extremely hard. I needed to drive weak shit and toxic thoughts out of my soul. The cure was better than the disease.

In fact the cure was so magnificent that the disease was worth it.

Indeed, I've been encouraging people to get out and get some exercise. A lot of them look at me like I'm crazy. That ain't what the tee-vee says! Besides, it's so icky! Stand by for sailor talk. Or skip the salty video.

At the end of my little workout I'd gone 3.13 miles in 40 minutes and surmounted the equivalent of 96 22-foot flights of stairs. It was awesome.

Later in the day I had a lot of nerve pain. It's just part of the deal. I'm blessed to have access to OTC anti-inflammatory medicine. The pain ebbed, I still felt great, I slept like a baby and hit the ground running this morning.

The weather today was similar to yesterday. A bit more breeze, a bit warmer. Snow in the forecast for afternoon, evening, and overnight. Perhaps 3-5 inches.

But it's still spring! I thought they were a sub-species of harvester ants, but I think they're more likely to be thatching ants. So frickin' cool.

I'm so very blessed to have a life of adventure. It's a choice.

By the end of today's more leisurely stroll I'd gone 5.76 miles in a buck-fifteen. Felt good. I'm full up for hard core fencing next week. Maybe the weather will even cooperate!

Chicken report!

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. I had forgotten how much I missed the change of seasons until we moved here. This time of year is grey and wet, and can get you down a bit, but then you'll notice a different bird is back, or the tulips have popped up, or the in-laws had a new calf at the ranch, and the lilac bush/tree by the garage has buds on it. It gives you hope, and you know Mother Nature is waking up some of her children.

    1. That's a great way of putting it drjim! Yep, nearly all the plants are dormant and so much of the world seems sterile and lifeless for so long, then the springtime magic begins. Always fills me with joy and wonder. We had 2.375" of heavy snow overnight. Most of it has melted already and there's no snow to scoop. Rats! Should be able to get stuck into the main fencing project next week according to the weather forecast.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Enjoy the changing of the season! And if the workouts are paying dividends, it's good, even if painful!

    1. I'm enjoying it with every every fibre of my existence. Spring is bigger and better than words can describe.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!