Tuesday, May 12, 2020

more cool and more busy

Beautifully busy.

My plate runneth over, as does my cup.

In addition to the usual ranch labor stuff, my life has been loaded with a new and unanticipated dimension. New and lovely ape-lizards have magically appeared. Some are friends shading toward family, some are acquaintances shading toward friends.

It's quite a lovely thing. Living is about living, It's always a choice; to live or to merely exist.

Working in my town shop the other day and a 5/8" socket popped off my driver. Operator error. It made five bounces toward the only hole in the floor of the joint.

Firetrucking hole-in-one.

Sunday Mother's Day plants.

Too cold to set them out yet though.

Cold overnite, down to 31 degrees. A bit of drizzle and light rain. Air temps already warming this morning. Forecast high is 59 degrees. Cows and calves are enjoying the green, green grass.


Twenty-four hour air temps over the last week ran about 9.5 degrees cooler than the 127 year average for this neck of the treeless woods. Daily highs averaged about 57 (-11.42) and daily lows averaged 32.85 (-7.72).

So yeah, it's a man-made global warming ice age catastrophe.

Just like last year when it was colder a week later. And all the years before when it got cold in May. The only time it doesn't get cold in May here is when we have a drought. Every 20-30 years on average. Freaky, eh?

Well, on the tee-vee and interwebs May cold is a disaster. It's horrible there in virtual boolsheet reality! Disaster and nothing else! Just like a new flu strain is a man-made global warming ice age catastrophe, even though the best morbidity/mortality numbers show global all-influenza deaths lower than the 50+ year average. My goodness, can you believe that some people died of influenza? Hasn't happened since the Blaque Deathe! Which was Yersinia pestis. Imagine that, a bacteria that people turned into a virus to ravage and savage the planet in 2020!

Statistics and averages are funny things. People who are paid hugely well with our collective tax dollars to manage data and information for the rest of us routinely fudge and fuck with the numbers. Some of those people are just massive lying dickheads intentionally trying to nudge themselves toward a more fuller rice bowl, no-belle peas prizes, fame and glory, and less work. There are a lot of them, and they intentionally lie, cheat and steal because that's their foundational principle. Others simply think that they have a good "for the children" reason to fix the numbers that they know won't drive child saving. Or tree saving. Or polar bear saving. Or whatever.

Yeah, lots of dickheads in the data manipulation industry. In the manipulated data information dissemination industry too.

The biggest problem by far, though, is with the free and functional lizard-apes who never check the numbers against reality, never apply scale, context, and perspective to their reasoning and life-navigation. Too smart to be fooled, certain that they can just "know" right information and that anything promulgated by "their side" is boiler-plate correct while the stuff invented by "those people" is garbage misinformation.

That's dickhead behavior.

It's also nothing new. It's what lazy and over-content lizard-apes do with their guilt. They invent attacking disasters to be oppressed and victimized by. And like crabs in a bucket, they do everything in their power to drag potential escapees back down into the communal olio of shame and loathing.

The beautiful thing about life as an ape-lizard though is that the crabs can only control an ape-lizard mind that wishes to be controlled.

The dickhead ape-lizards cannot have my mind and they cannot leverage me into being a dickhead and destroying my soul.

So there.


If the above section seems to be an anger-filled rant, it's not. It's simply an incomplete summation of the 2020 global Zeitgeist. I love my fellow ape-lizards unashamedly and without reservation. Because I do, I can see perhaps more clearly through the lens of philos than through the lens of raging intersectionalism. It's kinda cool.

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. A little "ranting" is good for the soul. Especially when it's the unvarnished truth!

    Glad yer keepin' yer wits about you!

    1. It's interesting times, which is nice but can be trying. Fortunately I'm shielded more than most with my rural existence.

      Also having more fun than many of my fellows I suspect.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sarge!

  2. You likely don't want to hear about our temps last week, so I won't tell you.

    Thanks for the report, and those kids seem to be nice people.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Colder or warmer? I kind of like taking what I get, but I'm not above complaining a lot. Always interesting to see and hear about what others are getting though.

      The kids are great. Hi revving, that's for sure. 😳

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Paul!

  3. We were hot, but cooled, then had rain.

    Didn't drop below 50.

    1. Around here May is always and forever interesting weather wise. Except for drought years we always get hard freeze and snow in the second or third week, sometimes in the fourth week. Lots of gardens get replanted and it's always a challenge for lilac blooming.

      That freeze/snow always comes after very warm and lovely early-May weather. Even old-timers mess up and have to replant gardens.

      All part of the big adventure.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Skip!

  4. At least it wasn't a 10mm... Sigh. Our WX down here in Texas has been a bit strange too... 104 to 38 in 2 days...