Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Gratitude in the season of thankfulness, November 2

Yes, it is November 3. I got run over by stuff yesterday and never got a chance to properly get into this. Maybe this morning.

Saturday was painful. I was quite sore with both back and leg pain, couldn't get comfortable, and could only hobble around a bit. I was able to write a halfway decent, completely batshit crazy post. But the pain was my body telling me to take time for rest and regeneration.

I'm grateful that my body does the incredible things it does, including telling me when to rest. I'm grateful that I've learned when to listen and to actually rest when needed.

I'm also grateful I've learned to spurn the recliner when rest and regeneration have been accomplished.

Sunday was brilliant. I stretched and got loose and went out to join the lovely November 1 conditions. Air temps ran in the mid-60's and there wasn't a lot of wind.

As I sauntered through a canyon I stopped to admire a Say's Phoebe nest. The phoebes are long gone but they build lovely nests.
See it?

Most of the snow was gone, but some remained in shaded areas.

Some even remained in sunny areas.

From atop Vader Ridge (or hill, whatever) the view was breathtaking as always, and running the hill was just the proper physical therapy and conditioning.

Then I set out to complete the five-mile circuit of the pasture. I finished in just under an hour, including the 25 hill sprints. Good workout. As I cooled down I reflected on a number of things and surprised myself by realizing that I was happy.

The blessings of the day were manifold. I am grateful for my health, for the pleasant weather, for my great good fortune in being able to get out into nature's reality.

Yesterday (Monday, November 2) was another brilliant day. I worked hard and at least adequately at the widget factory and absolutely smoked my two 15-minute micro workouts. The weather was fantastic, sunny and warm and not windy at all.
Allie's rock.

Despite the ache and sorrow of loss -- a nearly impossible and often overwhelming state of affairs, I continue to be blessed and that is something to be grateful for indeed.


Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.

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