Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Madcap Recap short update

I'm gonna screw this whole thing up by cutting to the chase before I share part two of the surgical/hospital experience.

As of today I'm 96 days post-surgery and I'm doing much better than well. I blasted through PT and embarked on a reconditioning program, concentrating on strength rebuilding for the back/abdomen/torso and cardio. It's been very successful so far. I saw the surgeon two weeks ago a day after doing a five-mile run.

Being able to do things -- like regular running -- that I haven't been able to do for more than two years is awesome. The surgeon says that coming in fit, prepared, and with the proper attitude was the key to my success. That and continuing to charge ahead into life.

Right now I'm doing weight training three days a week and cardio four days a week and that's a good fit. I'm also doing some rather esoteric stuff to address healthspan going forward, modalities to improve quality of life. So I'm doing heat-shock/cold-shock, meditation, and and a keto-ish diet. It's all making a big difference.

I'm also completely blasted with other life stuff. Family, work, and ranch stuff disappears lots of hours from each day. That's a good thing, but I've put the blog on the back burner while I got my feet back under me, and that's not such a good thing. I'm seeing a pathway to adding blogging time back in and I think it'll work. Time will tell I guess.

I had six weeks of influenza. Which influenza? Doesn't matter, because in my case the treatment was the same regardless of the causal virus. The name just doesn't matter.

I was quite ill and had all of the symptoms. Symptomatically I can make a case for having had each of the three candidates. I hydrated, ingested proper nutrition, took appropriate otc meds, and continued to work and work out. It was tough but I pushed through and never came close to being ill enough to require any actual medical care. During this time I knew of several people who were hospitalized for weeks and spent time on a ventilator in ICU. They were all younger than me but also had significant co-morbidities. They all pulled through but each emerged a physical wreck.

I'm a sample of one but it seems clear to me that being fit was a key to my happy outcome. Sometimes I wonder why I chose to begin the road to fitness in 2018. I had no inkling that the wuhandromeda would happen. It doesn't matter why, of course, I'm just fortunate I chose the path I did.

I'm not gonna live forever, at least not in this physical realm, but I am gonna live as well as I can for as long as I can and I think that's the correct path for me.

The other evening I was playing with the three year old and the five year old. The game they were playing with me was incredibly fun and fascinating. They way they morph the game from one thing to the next to the next is such a neat thing to observe and be a part of. They know what the rules and objectives are, and they flow from one thing to the next seamlessly and in concert. It's as if they read each others minds. I can hardly tell what the game is, but I participate. At one point the three year old said, "you fell out of the car and you're dead." So I flopped over and closed my eyes. Then she started puffing breaths in my face and pushing on my chest; two breaths, two compressions. She was mimicking CPR, and doing it right! Now where did a three year old learn CPR? At another point the five year old buried me in stuffed animals, then decided it wasn't fair that I had all the stuffed animals. Little humans are so amazing and fascinating!

I'm so blessed and fortunate that I get to live a life. So many people seem to choose an existence of being perpetually butthurt and victimized. I'm not fundamentally different than anyone else. We're all humans, and none of us are better or worse than our fellows. I could choose to have a horrible existence too, and that pathway calls to me the way it does to each of us. So why do I and others reject it, and why do so many not?

It's a puzzle. I doubt I'll ever solve it. It helps me to understand in a meaningful way how blessed I am, and the combination helps to keep me centered. Which is a good thing.

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.



  1. I got out of the habit of posting, found that I missed it.
    Now I try to stick something up each day.
    Sometimes it's only a picture.
    The littles will keep you young.

    1. I often think I should just do a short post daily and a longer one when I can. Then I put it off. Maybe we'll get going here.

      The littles are pure gold for keeping me young. The whole family is, from Grandma on down to littlest. I am so very blessed.

      Thanks Skip.

  2. Good to see that you are doing so well after surgery and illness. Sounds like you have a good plan, so do what works for you and let us hear from you when you can. Yes, the littles will keep you young, but they will get big very fast so pay attention. Stay safe and well and keep on livin'.

  3. Thanks Mark. I've stumbled into some things that really amp the quality part of my life. Between these experiments and the family I am on a good livin' path. Feels good. And the littles are growing like weeds! They can still both fit in my lap at once, but just barely, and only if they sit still, which they can only do for about 10 seconds. Happens like once a month.

    Thanks again man.

  4. Delighted to see an update, and that all are well, despite some flu burdens.
    Yup, fitness is beneficial and admirable for all, even thought I (and many others) admire more than participate.

    Merry Christmas to the whole crew.

    Now, about that post surgery episode- at your leisure....
    We just got a good snow dump, probably hitting you today or tomorrow. Enjoy.
    John Blachshoe

    1. I ran this morning in freezing drizzle and 40-50 mph winds. Yep, it got here, and exercise is good but I also have a talent for making it suck. On says lije today it sure feels good when it's done.

      I've got most of the second half of the surgery tale done so that should appear relatively soon. Now where have I heard that before...?

      Merry Christmas to you and yours John. Thanks.

  5. Just keep doing what you're doing, Shaun! I didn't read the August post until just now, so I didn't know know you (finally!) had your surgery.

    Things sound good, and I'm grateful that you came out of it OK.

    1. Thanks drjim. I plan to keep on keepin' on. Surgery and recovery went great and the good life keeps flowing. Thanks again!

  6. Glad to hear surgery results so positive, flu sucks! Best to you/yours for Christmas.

  7. Made my day to hear from you, Shaun. Your attitude and outlook inspire me. As I found out when I was dealing with cancer several years ago, what goes on in your head can have a great effect on what goes on in the rest of the body.

  8. Late reading this one - had a heavy metal object land on my foot several years ago, turning one bone into a jigsaw puzzle.
    The surgeon put it back together and sent me to physical therapy, where I got close to full use of the foot again.
    The PT said on the last day that he figured I'd do alright, as I was a stubborn enough old coot that I wouldn't give in to the pain :)

    Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  10. First time I've been by for a while, it's good to "hear your voice" again, Shaun. Happy New Year!! The pic of the buzzworm is appropriate; we have always to keep a sharp eye out for the hazards of life... but let us enjoy the blessings of life as we encounter them, great and small.

  11. Glad you're back among us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  12. Happy New Year, y'all!

  13. Hey Doc,
    Came over here while re-reading OAFS' WWII fiction that we've both commented on. Congrats on thriving after surgery and WuFlu (or whatever). I can relate being a year out from cervical surgery and 8 months from WuFlu. Regaining fitness is a worthy effort, slower for me as I was never really a runner.
    T'any rate wanted to say hello and wish you well.
    Boat Guy