Thursday, February 16, 2017

Old and Busted, New Soreness

If you've read this blog over the last half-year you know that I was laid up for about five months. That's not good for a fellow who does physical labor in the great outdoors. It's even less good for an olden fellow who yada-yada-yada.

Since being cleared for full duty not quite two weeks ago, I've been working on returning to fitness. It's a process. I've been doing relatively light hiking, a bit of light weight lifting, and some elements of crossfit.

I've also been eating healthier, which I should have been doing these last many months, but did not.

Yesterday I pushed it pretty hard. I did cals and weights and three sets of two reps of the 400-pound tractor tire flip. That one is a serious Trituradora de testículos.

Then I went out and did 3.4 miles the hard way.
The red line is my hiking path.

My hiking path was selected for both investigation and fitness. I was scouting the lay of the land, as well as the health and biodiversity, of a grassland parcel my brother is thinking about buying. As it's adjacent to the home place, it was convenient to hike and would be a nice addition to the grazing rotation.

See her?
Now? You can click to enlarge.

Anyway, prairie hiking is rather a challenge. Nature makes prairies her way, and without consideration for providing a nice, flat, smooth hiking experience. There is simply no place on the prairie where your next step is like your last step. It's all uneven. And though parts of Nebraska are kinda-sorta flat, this part ain't one of them.

So at the end of my hike, I was very tired and sore. This morning I feel quite good but also quite sore. Today I need to notch it back a good bit and let the old and busted work on a bit of repair.

That's okay. It's just part of the deal.

Despite the soreness I did manage to repair my busted taillight.

And now for some fun. One of my followers over on the koobecaf, Valory O'Brien Lantry, tagged me in a video. Making me rethink the whole jackrabbit shooting thing. Some of these hares are tough!

If they find me dead in the pasture, with a smashed rifle and my mouth stuffed with carrots, you'll know what happened!

And the I thought this one was pretty good too.

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Interesting! On my 1999 Ranger, I wanted something better than just the 4 ways flashers, so I put hideaway strobes in the rear and front turn signals, ( 1999's had yellow rear turn signals ). The tail lamp and front turn signal assemblies on the 1999's had flat drill out mounting pads for hideaways right on the rear of the reflectors. But I see no such on yours. I wonder why? There are a lot of Rangers owned by volunteers, and many in municipal service. I am thinking of putting a set in the tail lamps of my F-150. I have a 7 foot box, and a extended cab with 4 doors, so it is a long truck, and when I am parked in some places, and have a van on one side, I have difficulty in knowing what is to my sides, as I back out. Putting amber ones in the back up lights would make me much more obvious while backing out. I have work lights facing to the rear on the BackRack, and I find them quite useful. They put out a vast amount of light, but being LED, draw only 2 amps each. I am happy your Ranger is healthy again!

    Rabbits and Hares can be quite nasty, when they want to.

    1. I'm glad it's healthy again too.

      Wasn't there a 1950's sci-fi horror flick about rabbits?

    2. That's the one!. But it was early 1970's. Still a good example of the genre.

  2. RE: The first video, "Every Bunny Was Kung Fu Fighting" sprang to mind almost immediately.

    RE: The second video, the dog running in and jumping for the couch, way too early, all I could think was "Power, power, power..."

    Excellent post Shaun. Remember, baby steps.

    1. I'm hoping to get up to toddler steps by July 4.

      That dog had a bad ramp strike and ended up in the spud locker for sure.

  3. Damn I can only do 1 rep of the tractor tire (without the rim)...

    1. You're ahead of the game, most people can't do one!