Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stuff and nonsense!

A long time ago, well, several years ago, when I was new to the koobecaf, I went searching for international Evertsons.

Evertson being my name, you understand, and the world supply of Evertsons seeming to be rather limited.

BITD I used to peruse local phone books when traveling, looking for Evertsons. There were always a few Evertons, and an occasional Everston, but only rarely (like almost never) did I find an Evertson.

Once in about 1982 I had access to the entire USN active duty roster and found only one other Evertson, a Captain Submariner in the Medical Corps. Since he was a great uncle and I knew about him, that didn't really count.

Our family lore holds that we came from Norway, and that may be so, but I never found any Evertsons in the phone books of that charming land.

Nor was I able to find any Evertsons from Norway on the koobecaf. Hmmm.

Where I did find Evertsons was Estonia. And I mean a shitload of Evertsons. Well, comparatively a shitload. The world supply still seems to be limited.

Some of those Evertsons appear to be rather hot, too. The girl ones of course.

Ah, I guess that makes me pretty creepy. I wonder if that's a bug or a feature of the Evertson clan, and whether it's correlated with the dearth of Evertsons across the population? Butt I digress.

I got friended up on the koobecaf with Kristo from Tallinn and Valeri from Tapa. It was just like old home week. Except that we couldn't communicate. Seems we speak different tongues.

Kristo is fairly quiet on the koobecaf, but Valeri is rather prolific. He seems to like big dogs,


Russian Football,


naval aviation,

and naked cleaning ladies.

Seems to be a genuine Evertson.


  1. Yup. Looks like the genuine article.

    1. As we say in the Evertson clan, Naeris ei kuulu kaugeltki puu!


  2. Shaun, I've got subscriptions at ancestry.com and fold3. The 1940 census shows Evertsons all over the U.S., from Texas to Kentucky to Weld County, Colorado, to Washington (State of), to Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, etc. I didn't look for any other records, but given the 1940 items, I'm sure I'd find more than a few.

    By the way, there's a "Shawn Evertson" (born abt. 1981) in a 1997 school yearbook from Guilderland Central High School in Guilderland Center, New York. What are the odds??? :-)

    Fold3, a military records site, shows bunches of Evertson WW I and WW II draft cards, even a Revolutionary War Evertson (Thomas) in New York's Van Rensselaer's Regiment. Another quick look down the list turned up one Lt. Cdr. Evertson, from Nebraska, 1986 graduate of USNA.

    If your name is Norwegian, I'd have expected it to end in "sen" not "son," but it could also have been changed at any time before or after ancestral immigration (Customs officers or scribes were not always accurate in their transcriptions of names).

    If, perchance, you have any particular ancestors' names you'd like searched, lemme know & I'll send you my email address for off-blog correspondence.

    1. I've done quite a bit of genealogy. My clan appeared in New York around 1700 and gradually moved south and west. Our ranch is the EJE Ranch, named for the fellow who started it, Evert Jay Evertson (my great grandfather), who appears to have been named for his grandfather Evert Evertson who shows up in a list of prisoners in a Confederate POW camp. The Shawn Evertson from Guilderland Center is probably from the Moravia, NY clan, which was begun by a couple of Evert's kids who bucked the westward trend and moved to New York in the 1930's.

      It's all interesting stuff. I might take you up on your offer once I get through calving!