Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A little more slowly if you please...

The weather has been nice for the last week or so and the delivery of brand new baby calves has slowed precipitously. This is par for the course. I expect a lull for a few days, followed by a rush, and then the last one or two or three calves will probably come in June.

Today it's been quite lovely, with lots of sunshine and very little breeze. Temps are edging into the lower 70's as I write this, but were in the mid-50's earlier.

I think I need a steady-cam. Or a camera crew. Sigh.

As you may have noticed, I've been concentrating a bit on fitness lately, alternating hard hiking days with strength training/crossfit/walking days.

Yesterday I pushed it pretty hard with the tire flipping and this morning I had some soreness in my legs. Not a big deal, but a signal to ease off a bit and not push as hard today.

So we just did a four-mile prairie amble today with a few gully sprints in the middle to break up the monotony.

A gully sprint is a little like a wind sprint, only different. The idea is rather the same, to build wind. You start on one side of a gully, dash through it to the other side, and return. The gully is about 40 feet deep and the over and back legs are each 100 yards. It's fun!

Along the course of the amble I took time to make pictures of the purty flowers.
A very elderly tulip. Perhaps as many as 50 years old.

With ant!
Smooth sumac.

Yeah, a nice day in Nebraska. Snow in the forecast for the weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. It comes up there and challenges the world to ignore its beauty.

  2. Today in the 70s, tomorrow snow; ya gotta love the mid-east ( or, as it is known east of the Mississippi River, mid-west.
    Yes, the tulip is magnificent.

    Paul L. Quandt

  3. The weather changes do keep one from becoming complacent.

  4. Ah yes. Weather.

    And FWIW, here's how I saw two of your photo captions:

    Golden Pea.

    Now, new improved Golden Pea. With Ant!

  5. Having to take a picture of something interesting is always a good excuse for a quick break while hiking. That's one of the reasons why there are thousands of pictures in my photo library.

    1. Digital cameras have sure made that easy for me. I dabbled in wet photography for years but always disliked the chore of developing and printing. Digital is like magic.