Saturday, May 27, 2017

Here's what veterans owe the fallen

Yesterday I told you what I believe you owe to America's Fallen. The "you" I referenced is a generic you, and in general, that means "all" of you (including me) Americans.

If you really haven't thought about those things before, may I suggest it's time to do so? If you felt a sting from my words, let me assure you that it wasn't my intent to sting you. If you felt a sting, it might be because a part of you recognizes that there is more you could and should be doing to serve our Nation -- and in particular -- the principles and ideals that are America's heart and soul.

If you have thought about those things and you work very hard to be the best American you can be, GREAT!

Now do more.

Don't go change the world, just try to do more and better. None of us are perfect, least of all me. And if you don't stay ahead of me I might catch up! Think how firetrucked up that would be!

Having said all that, and having spouted yesterday's long didactic line about the debt we all owe the Fallen, I planned to write something along the same lines today, aimed not at a generic "you" but rather at veterans.

The reason I planned to do this is because I run into a lot of veterans who behave exactly like SJW's and professional victims, as if they are a special breed of human being, better, more pure, and more worthy than any slimy civilian.

Oh, that bothers me! It's the kind of self-serving bullshit that really brings out the dickhead in me. You know, the guy who doesn't want to reason at all, just wants to start punching.

Hey, I told you I wasn't perfect, right?

I'll put something together when I figure out how to do it with my big boy pants on. In the mean time, John Burk says it far better than I can.

IMO, #VETFLAKES is perhaps the most useful hashtag of all time.

This one from last year is great too.

Maybe I'll be evolved enough to write something of my own next year.

In the meantime, America, enjoy yourselves this weekend! Grab your life with both hands and live it! #forthefallen


  1. Live your lives, do your job, be a citizen. It's the same for the vets as it is for the civvies.

    Every time someone thanks me for my service, I thank THEM for supporting me during those 24 years. They paid me, they fed me, they housed me, they trained me to do a job which I volunteered do to. For them. Heck, the citizens of this great nation even put all three kids through college so that they too could serve.

    Without the common citizen, there is no need for a military. It really is a symbiotic relationship. Whether in uniform or out, we're all Americans.

    While I remember the fallen, I don't begrudge someone having a great time on this weekend, the start of the summer season. Believe me, if those who died for us were with us now, they'd say, "Gimme another beer, hey, those burgers look done, I want cheese on mine."

    Live for the day, it's what they would do, if they could.

  2. Yesterday the cashier at Save A Lot told me, "Thank you for your service".

    My reply, "No thanks needed. Just doing my duty as a citizen. But, thank you anyway."

  3. Thank you for another great post, Shaun. I can only echo what I said in the comments at the Chant, ( but you'll have to go there to read it ).

    Well Seasoned Fool does indeed have a good response, I shall steal it.

    Paul L. Quandt