Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sling load

We used to do sling loads in the Sea King. Mostly drones, but occasionally cargo. It was usually fun, always tricky, and occasionally a bit, er, risky.

But that was a long time ago.

This week I've been slinging the calf who can't get up on her own.

Today she seems to be working harder to get up on her own, and she seems to be trying to stand and even walk a bit when she's in the sling. But she doesn't have it figured out yet.

I think we may be making progress but it's hard to tell.

I'm beginning to think she's got more of a left-side deficit and a back end deficit, but again, it's hard to tell.

After a week of cool, wet weather it's sunshiny and warm today. The cool and wet are forecast to return tomorrow through Sunday, with perhaps a return to pleasant weather on Memorial Day.

The cold and wet may have prompted a dove to nest on the tractor. I think she gave up on that idea as the nest seems abandoned.

Starting to see a lot of primroses.

And some gooses!

Hope you all are having a fine day.


  1. Thank you for another outstanding post and photos. A lot of effort being put into one calf; I hope that you are rewarded with the outcome that we are looking for.

    All my best to you and those in your care and household.

    Paul L. Quandt

  2. Good stuff. I always thought that dragging something through the water using a helicopter was tempting the Fates just a wee bit too much. And now I know what a primrose looks like. Nice.

    Good to see old 768 is still fighting.

  3. More specifically an evening primrose, which are different from English or Eurasian primrose.

    She's hangin' in there. Hoping to see a bit more progress in the coming days.

  4. Another great post. Doves do seem to pick the damnedest places to nest.

    1. Some of them stumble on good spots but I suspect it's accidental and completely random.

  5. If you can afford John Deere parts, you must be doing OK.