Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Profondément derrière les lignes continentales

A delightfully coolish day here. Mostly overcast and promising rain that never materialized, the temperature climbed only as high as 81. Most of the day was solidly in the 70's with a refreshing north breeze.

Early this morning I hauled the last trailer load of thistle to the landfill. It makes such a pitifully small pile when unloaded, and there's nothing at all about the pile that would make you think it represented so much toil and sweat.

When I loaded the trailer yesterday the mercury was closing in on 100 degrees and there was not even a breath of air. The humidity was quite high as well, up in the 75 percent range. Now that may be "dry" in many parts of the world, but it's wringing wet here.

Combine sunshine, heat and humidity and evaporative cooling doesn't work for spit. Therefore I spent a couple of hours in sweltering misery.

But I got the job done and it was a good physical workout!


Some of my agriculturalist friends from England ventured across the Channel earlier in the month and shared some images and video with me. It all looks vewy Fwench.

Midnight Market (small town farmers' market). Ostrich sammies and live music!

They canoed down the River Dronne from Bonnes to Parcoul. I had no idea the french canoed!

They stayed in a converted barn, just like so many downed aviators did during the war. Only different.

And look what the French came up with for mole control!

It's good to have field agents "working" for the blog!


  1. My wife's comments about the mole control: "It doesn't show what you do with the thing" and " interesting ".

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. The video makes it look pretty clunky and difficult to employ. Another video I watched showed that the trigger doesn't always work. Still, there's an EXPLOSION! :)

  2. I forgot to add thanks for the post and nice photos.


  3. Replies
    1. I wonder how many prospective French mole killers have been hoist on their own petard?

      A savage bunch, the French! :)

  4. Shaun:

    Would you let Chris over at the Chant know that blogger or something is erasing all my comments.



    1. As Emily LaTella always said: " Never mind. "