Thursday, October 5, 2017


This'll put a smile on yer mug...

A-4C with the J-65 motor, about 8k lbs thrust. VA-86 Sidewinders flew the Charlie from 62-64, upgraded to the E model with the J-52 in 64 and flew it through 1967. They transitioned to the A-7 in 67 and flew the A, B, C and E models through 1987. Then they went to Bugs.

When I refer to VA-86, I'm talking about the paint scheme of this particular aircraft. I believe Dollarhide, the pilot here, flew scooters with VA-46, the Clansmen.


  1. The Scooter is a year younger than me? I had no ideer.

    She's still a classic, Heinemann's Hot Rod.

  2. The A-4 continued to serve for years. Very effective for the Argentine Air Force during the Falklands debacle.