Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The day after Sidd Finch Day

Happy Birthday Lorena June.

Yesterday was quite the April Fool's Day. I thought I had the day all mapped out, but boy was I fooled.

No need to go into great detail on the fooled part. Certain things were not as expected, other things changed, and my plans required on-the-fly modification.

Now I can whine and bitch about it, but that's really a waste of time, and at my present total of expended heartbeats I'm not as comfortable squandering moments as I was in my youth.

And when you get right down to it, the challenge of adapting plans on the fly -- adapting to fit reality that is -- is one of the better tricks that we sapient homos can do. And if you got it, you might as well use it.

Yesterday was a nice spring day here in the Nebraska Panhandle. A bit blustery at times, and with a bit of snow and rain from time to time, but all in all a beautiful spring day.

There were new chicks to care for too.

They're not mine.

They belong to my brother, who wants there to be chickens at the ranch for his year-old granddaughter to enjoy. Since I think that's a capital idea, and since I'm here and he's not, I've got chicks to care for. Which is not exactly a taxing job.

I had to improvise a workout yesterday, as my plans changed, but guess what? I was able to figure it out! I got some muscles and joints worked and got the ol' heart rate up above 120 for a good half-hour, so good enough.

That also qualified as a rest day, more or less, so I was able to hit it hard this morning.

New world record on flights of underpass steps.

That would be 242. Flights.

It was a good one!


Yeah. No idea whether there'll be underpass steps to run in the future. I hope so, but if not, there are other inclines in the world.


  1. No plan survives contact with reality. ;) But you knew that.

    Glad to see you're popular with the chicks, you are looking good brother.

    Man, Nebraska in the Spring can be awesome!

    1. Reality keeps me sane. Otherwise I'd think I was a god or something.

      Those chicks seem to like me. Or maybe it's that they've noticed the feeder miraculously fills itself up whenever I show up. Dang things eat like, well, chicks.

      It's a beautiful time of year when nature wakens from her long winter nap. A zestful time.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing Sarge!

  2. Miss my chickens, so I hang out at the farm supply when the chicks come in.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing Brig!

      My brother mentioned the crowds around the "chick tanks" which made it hard to actually, as he put it, "pick up chicks."

  3. Chicks are nice. We have them in North Carolina. Will there be any "little cows" or whatever they call them in Nebraska?

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing Mark!

      Big cows and little cows and big boy cows will be showing up in about three weeks...