Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Good news

It's been a busy day today but the good news is good news. Mom does have a nondisplaced pelvic fracture but it should heal quickly and without complication. In the meantime she can continue to do her day-to-day stuff including hiking as tolerated. She'll be sore for a bit but it should be getting better every day. If she overdoes things and gets sore she'll just be sore and won't be doing any damage or be in danger of a worse fracture. It's pretty much the report I expected but you never know.

Driving through Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.

Rest Area on I-25 in Wyoming, south of Cheyenne and near the Colorado border.

It was a pretty morning in Fort Collins. Cold air but very warm sunshine. And the wind hadn't yet begun to blow.

Here's a model of the pelvis.

Motorcycle chain appears to be the internal fixative of choice in repairing busted pelvises.

Approximate location of the fracture lines.

Video inside the exam room.

With a clean-ish bill of health we drove north to Cheyenne and had lunch at Olive Garden, Mom had Gnocchi Soup and salad and a cappuccino.

I had "Tour of Italy" which featured chicken parmigiana, fettuccine Alfredo, and lasagna. It was very good despite being very blurry. I had a strawberry-passionfruit limoneta to drink and it was also quite good. Sweet and tart and very refreshing.

The last meal I had at Olive Garden was awful. Thirty years later I'm glad I tried it again. Good food, good service.

When we got home I installed the new microwave.

It's a replacement for the one that went out of warranty and merda il letto the next day.

And that's the report. Exceptionally fine day.

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. I'm happy to read that your Mom is as well as she is. She and you share a number of characteristics, all of them good ( in my opinion ).

    I see that she has a glass top stove ( or cooker ); we had one in the house we lived in before this one and I had mixed feelings about it. I spent what seemed to me a lot of time with a razor blade scraping off burned on spills. We now have a gas range and it seems less trouble ( plus, we cheat; we have a cleaning lady who comes by every two weeks ).

    All of the previous paragraph is information that I'm sure you don't need, but it seems that I felt a need to share.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Thanks Paul! Mom's a tiger, that's for sure.

      I don't personally like the glass tops and I prefer gas, but that's just me.

      As for unneeded info, what's better than just shootin' the shit? That's what this is all about anyway. And I've been thinking of hiring a cleaning lady, so your recommendation might just tip the balance.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. I forgot, thanks for the review of the Olive Garden. We had eaten in one years ago and not been happy with the food. Perhaps the one near us now has improved also. We'll give it a try based upon your experience in Cheyenne.


  3. I like your Mom's kitchen, what I could see of it. I noted that it appears that she has a good amount of counter and storage space. Always a nice thing. Nice looking counter top, too.


    1. It's a very good kitchen and she's the designer. It works pretty well for her, until the microwave takes a dump.

  4. Good news for your Mom, hope she mends quickly and with no complications.

    Ah, Fort Collins, I lived there for three and a half years while in college, loved that town.

    Olive Garden always seems to be hit or miss. I've been there a few times here in Little Rhody where it's consistently good, went to one in New Hampshire which was terrible (since closed, surprise, surprise). Of course, we have a couple of real Italian restaurants in the area which are superb. Going to Olive Garden here is almost like going to Red Lobster in Maine, i.e. it's just not done. I suppose it's the local versus chain thing, some chains I like, some not so much. (I get consistently good steaks from Longhorn Steakhouse - had 'em in Virginia and Massachusetts, both were/are excellent.)

    Look at me getting all talkative...

    1. Thanks Sarge. Looks like things will go well for her.

      Immigration has turned much of the Weed State into Califado. It's not as cool as it once was. Oh well.

      I prefer local one-off restaurants myself. The big chains can be okay but they're never anything like a "real" restaurant. And as for Olive Garden, the cuisine is Americanized Italian. As long as you don't expect Italian, it's fine.

      Thanks for stopping by and being wordy Sarge!

  5. Thanks! Yesterday was a great day on many levels.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!