Thursday, April 30, 2020

Irons in the fire

A lot of the crazy-busy stuff I've got going on would take ages to properly describe and even then would likely only make sense to me.

So let me just say, "crazy-busy."

Snapshots of the morning.
Parts came early! 

Nona wants her hair cut. Too hot already!

What's better than cackleberries?

Morning sun on straw and spring grass

Cackleberry production crew

Looks better in spring sunshine than in a winter snowstorm!

Buying a new bed today

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. Have you ever gone cattle tank rafting on the Niobrara?

    1. Never have. I understand it's rather popular.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Frank!

    2. Never did the tank thing. I have taken a canoe down the Calamus, Middle Loup, Niobrara, and Platte Rivers.
      The Calamus trip was interesting - I started out with two gals who had never been in a canoe, so I took the stern.
      After a bit, they said it was not fair for me to do all the work and insisted I take the middle while they took the bow and stern. I have no idea how they managed it, but we ended up spinning counter-clockwise while going downstream. The one in the bow jumped out and tried to grab onto the side, to stop the spin, but it had already gotten out of reach. The one in the stern tried the same thing, with the same result - leaving me sitting in the middle of a canoe spinning around & drifting. I grabbed the side, jumped off, and held it in place while they caught up. After that they let me take the stern for the rest of the trip :)

  2. "Cackleberry production crew" - that right there made my morning. Of course, I had to wipe the monitor down afterwards but it's a small price to pay for quality entertainment.

    No, I don't get out much, why do you ask?

    1. Thanks Sarge! Feels good to be able to share a bit of normal stuff in these trying times.

      Here's a wish for the crazy stuff to go away as quickly as possible, and for everyone afflicted by the present trauma to learn and grow and move forward with their precious individual adventures.

      May you have unrestricted movement and plenty of coleslaw by the end of the month.