Monday, May 21, 2007

the how and the why

May 21, 2007
I started this blog by accident. Clicked on the wrong hyperlink, actually. But blogspot is free, part of Google, and seems fairly easy to use. So how hard can it be, I asked myself?
The why of this blog is a bit more complicated, but still pretty straightforward. If you've read any of this, you may have noted how much I delight in wandering around the prairie. I grew up here and have experienced much of the natural beauty and wonder of the native shortgrass prairie. I'm out there daily, I take a lot of pictures, so why not share it? In a nutshell, that's how this blog came about.
If you're interested in seeing any of this stuff first hand, shoot me an e-mail (in my personal info). We'll figure something out.

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