Monday, August 28, 2017

It ain't easy being insectoid

This bug was laying on the porch stoop yesterday morning.

It wasn't quite dead yet but it had obviously had a rough experience. It was partially encrusted in small gravel particles, tangled in a mat of dog hair, and its starboard eye was partly crushed.

It was slowly moving its legs and extending/curling its abdomen, but judging by the damage and tha fact that you really can't just pick up a healthy one, it appeared to be on its way to the great bug mansion in the sky. Or wherever.

So, dragonfly or damselfly?

I don't know and I'm not going to spend the time right now to identify it. I'm leaning toward dragonfly as the eyes touch, the wings are held away from the body at rest, the back wing is wider at the base, and the body type is generally more chunky than slender. But I could be wrong.

As to what caused the trauma, I don't know. I suspect it might have been hit by a vehicle and carried up to the house with said vehicle. Just speculation.

Later in the day this colorful bug visited me whilst I was engaged in working on fence.

Again, I'm not going to try to ID the thing, at least not this morning. Is it a butterfly or a moth? True to my second grade training, I'm going to go with butterfly. It's got slender antennae with knobs on the end rather than branched or comb-like antennae. But I could sure be wrong.

This, I think, is a bumblebee.

I like watching them because of the old story that aerodynamicists "proved" that they cannot fly. Just like helicopters cannot fly.

Beating the air into submission?

Or being rejected by the ground, which finds it terribly irritating?

It doesn't really matter of course.

We all know from the breathless reporting on television that all bees, just like all glaciers, have been destroyed by evil, non-progressive corporate lackeys of yankee imperialism.

And stuff.


  1. Insects are pretty cool, in their environment. If they invade mine, I get a little antsy. Pun intended.

    Nice post Shaun, the natural world abounds in beauty.

  2. What OAFS wrote. Thanks for the post and photos.

    Paul L. Quandt

  3. I vote Dragonfly, as well. They are so beautiful! Those look like moth wings to me, but I have a deep, profound, ignorance of lepodptera.

    1. Like the old story about what Marines call helicopters...