Friday, February 27, 2015

Morning tour

Bits of my daily morning round of cattle checking on the ranch. This was yesterday, February 26.

I'm not sure Nona approves of this whole "video" thing.

Mineral supplement with bovatek improves feed conversion. 

"A lever." I keel myself. 

Tasty winter grass, and to wash it down..."where the hell is the rancher?" 

"That's better." 

Boring lecture.


It got cold and windy this morning.

Windy. And cold.

Flushed an owl driving along the trail road. He was hunkered down, enduring.

Not sure what flavor of owl. Sent the vids and stills to a bird guy. See what he says.

And then I went home and worked on paperwork. Hope you're warm and dry.

1 comment:

  1. Fun to watch your videos, and the boring lecture wasn't boring at all. Good look'n ladies.
    There are as many types of wire gate latches as there are cowboys to think'm up it seems. And never two of the same on our fences, lol. We have burrowing owls here as well as all the regular ones, will be interested to know what yours is.