Friday, September 4, 2020

Happy and Inertia

First thing this morning Nona and Tommy were hard at a game of tug-of-war. Tommy had (again!) dragged all the blankets out of Nona's house. Toys! Don't pay no mind to the bachelor-washed window. SMH...

Went out and threw the ball a bit. Tommy was more interested in biting Nona's tail.

I've been pushing through inertia today. In my mind I feel tired and weak physically, but when I do physical stuff I find that I'm not at all tired and weak. It's a strange phenomenon and one I didn't see coming. But hey, you either play the cards you've been dealt or you don't.

The littlest one was on a giving orders kick for a while this morning. She stomped around the living room pointing at every object in her vision -- people excluded -- and gave 'em all holy heck. "I tol' you not a do that, you stop it right now!" I think she got a lot of yuck out and at the same time exercised some actual control over stuff. It was important stuff to her, and that's what mattered. When she was done she wanted to be held quietly for a while. She burned up a lot of energy giving orders and napped hard at nap time.

Later I got a trucker salute while checking fence along the interstate.

Then I yabbered on for more than seven minutes while I hiked along. Made sense at the time but don't feel bad about skipping the video or turning the sound down.

Always a pretty view from the top of Vader Hill.

Doing laundry this afternoon I played with the dogs some more.

Over at Borepatch's place I read the news of the passing of his Mom. Such a very hard thing. He closed to post with a quote from C.S. Lewis' book, A Grief Observed:

"Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything."

I really needed to read that quote. I bought the book. It's a very good read for me just now. I'd never have known of the work were it not for the flood of condolences I received here from Borepatch and his kind readers. Pretty cool how things work.

I miss my Love desperately and our physical separation is hard to bear. But it's not too hard. Allie's family has and continues to wash me in the most remarkably wonderful love. God continues to do for me what I cannot do for myself and miracles are common coin in this new realm. I am happy. I am hurting, but I am happy.

It's been a dang good day of livin'.

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. It's good to get out and do things, it helps.

    1. Can't let the inertia win. We're not supposed to cede the match in this life. Giving in and giving up erases livin' and puts existing into operation. Here There Be Dragons. Some things you can dick around with. Some you can't. Or only at your mortal peril.

      Thanks Chris!

  2. I have always contended there are two types of inertia, motion and rest.
    We have to decided how to make it work for us.

    1. Newton's First Law. Force is required to overcome inertia. A lot of things in the emotional and mental realms rhyme strongly with the physical realm. Shouldn't be surprising, but sometimes it is.

      Thanks Skip!

  3. Hmm, having paid attention in your previous videos, it seems that there are some missing staples in that Gum'mint fence line. Sloppy build, itchy cows, freeze/thaw, snow plow clods, wind or ??? causes this?

    Looks like Nona has her herding instincts on when keeping that ballnapper pushed over the the thrower.
    Happy Labor Day to all y'all.
    John Blackshoe

    1. Those fences are out there 24/7/365 and they get all the dynamic stuff nature dishes out. The sail area of five strands of barbed wire, for instance, is substantial. Lots of force applied to staples and posts via the wire. Freeze/thaw, frost heave, wood swelling and contracting according to water content, wood decomposition, sunlight, metal oxidation, galvanic reactions, cattle, wildlife, plant biomass growth, shifting soil, tectonic uplift...

      The fences are temporary structures built in a remarkably dynamic environment. They do their unnoticed job perfectly until they don't, and then it gets a bit sporty.

      It's fun to watch the two dogs interact. Nona is 9, Tommy less than 6 months. They seem to be pretty good buds.

      Enjoy the holiday weekend John and thanks for stopping by.