Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Preparing to spray dem thistle

"In our fort!"
But first, a little bit of fun.

Ah, that decompresses me. Did I get the video window size right?

From back in May, when we took a break from moving.

Yesterday the little ones sat on the couch with me and we watched Gummy Bear videos. They were enthralled. So was I, this being my first exposure. Please don't feel like you have to watch...

The 11 year old, who had received an overlarge dose of Gummy Bear videos over the last several years, was not impressed. He wrapped a pillow around his head and suffered like a man. After 30 minutes my ears began to bleed.

Just kidding of course, but I see his point.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely time.

Before that it was checking cattle and exercise on a cool and breezy morning.

Autumn shadows 
They're the bomb

Autumn sunshine and rippling water

Green for this time of year

Click to embignify and look at the bug

Skunkbush sumac smells awesome this time of year, even though it looks pretty ratty

From the batshit crazy file -- she loved this rock.
From atop Vader

Skunkbush and sagewort and autumn sun
Sometimes the littlest, simplest things are astonishingly pretty.

I ran Vader Hill hard in jeans and work boots. Later I paid a price in pain but it wasn't that bad, and the pain was offset by having had a bloody good HIIT cardio workout. It takes what it takes.

And from the "it takes what it takes" (ITWIT) file, I'm looking hard at lap swimming. There's an expense to the thing, 80 mile round trip and a hefty membership fee. But what price fitness? And I can in theory combine swimming trips with other activities. Oh yeah, gotta buy a swimsuit. I don't think I can squeeze into one of hers. Not without an incident.

And now it's time to go spray thistle. Or make the attempt anyway.

I'll try to get some video and images and 'splain the process tomorrow (or so).


I'm going to throw these in I guess. One of Allie's good friends put it up. Messages from her and her kids. She loved feathers and sunflowers and people and life. She touched so very many people and cast sunshine wherever she went. I don't want to make this blog into a dirge, but Good Lord I miss my sweetheart, my soulmate.

Serenity is the friend's new little girl 

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. Nice tribute to her. And I hated checking fence lines... sigh

    1. A very nice tribute. She had a lot of good friends.

      Yeah, checking fence. I enjoy it even though it's work.

  2. Watching kids play, love it, though I sit there and wonder if I ever had that kind of energy. I probably did, but still a marvel to behold.

    1. It's pretty amazing. If I concentrate I can kinda remember what it felt like, perhaps from a bit older, like 6 or 7.

      Thanks Chris.

  3. I don't see it as a dirge, but as a celebration of life - and it sounds like Alex had that in spades.
    Ditto on checking fence lines, but its necessary.


    1. Thanks Frank. It is a celebration of life. The grief is thick and profound for so many people who miss her so very much.

      Checking fence is a chore, but it's also a beautiful experience. Hard to put into words.

    2. The heart heals at its own pace, so there's no need to try to make it a calendar event.

    3. That's wisdom righ there. Thanks Frank.