Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter with the yearlings

And with the Easter Bunny, too.

I tend to babble when I make these videos. Ah well, I yam what I yam.

Clocked the Easter Bunny at 28 mph this morning. He was just loafing along.

Hope you all had a very fine Easter.


  1. Man! Your land is FLAT! If I'd have been driving that fast on my property, there wouldn't be any way to see anything in the video for the bouncing. Unless you've got a gyrostabilizer in the camera or something!

    1. I pass all these videos through the yewtoobe stabilization algorithm, which helps a lot. I was just thinking this morning as I searched for a cow how deceptive the "flatness" is out here. The 2d video representation is rather disappointing in that regard. There's a lot more up and down in reality. Which is why I put 15.7 miles on the clock looking for that cow in a two section pasture. Hmmm... You've given me an idea for a video. Thanks!

  2. Heh, love your videos Shaun, babble on good Sir, babble on.

    That second video looked kinda like a deleted scene from the old John Wayne movie Hatari!, one of my favorites.

    My Easter was great, hope yours was too. The calves seemed peaceful, as was I.