Thursday, April 9, 2015

More April Showers!

Had a very nice rain last evening, something on the order of half an inch. A very welcome rain as we've been quite dry. No rain means no grass means a big frowny face!

As the rain was moving in yesterday afternoon my curious yearling calves clambered up out of a gravel pit to say hi.

And then the rain began!

Overnight, however, the rain turned to snow. It was quite raw and chilly this morning.

One of the morning tasks during calving time is to find the cows. All of the cows.

Here are some of them.

And here are some more.

And how do the cattle and calves survive such weather (warning, boring lecture!).

Regardless of the weather, calving is a magical time.

Here's hoping you all have a glorious day!


  1. You may have mentioned this once before, I can't remember. But what type of cattle do you have.

    Fine looking animals.

  2. They're crossbred cattle, mostly SimmentalxAngus or SimmentalxRed Angus.

    Thanks. You should see 'em when they're all dolled up for liberty!

  3. There are many wonders to behold, especially in the cattle business, for those who choose to see.
    When riding through the pairs I enjoyed finding the cow that had been chosen to be that day's baby sitter. There she would lay with a bunch of calves playing or sun bathing around her. Some times she looked as frazzled as any mom would be with five or six little ones, all about the same age.

  4. Wonders and wonders and wonders!

    Not many things more fun than watching calves at play.