Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wanker Wednesday

It'll be interesting to see whether I'm eviscerated for the post title. If you've visited the UK or the Commonwealth, you've heard the term and likely have an idea of it's definition. You probably also realized that there were nuances of British and Commonwealth life that you just didn't quite get, including insults and pejoratives.

I don't quite get 'em either. Such is life.

I frequently worked, operated and flew with assorted RAF and FAA types during my time in the Navy and remember most of those times with a great deal of fondness. One thing I noted was that UK aviators often referred to their fellow British Birdmen "on other types" as wankers. To the Sea King bubbas, Lynx aircrew were wankers, etc.

The British have a different approach to all things aviation, and I like it. Always have. So I'll try to slot in some bloody good English kites from time to time.

Here's hoping I haven't stepped on my crank...

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