Sunday, June 4, 2017

Metolius and stuff

Another long but good day.

We started by meeting my cousin and her family

for breakfast at Elmers, which is a NW chain of locally owned restaurants that started in 1960.

The food was great!

I had a Mr. Elmer's omelet which had sausage, mushrooms and cheese with hollandaise. Really, really good.

The kids had sugary kid's breakfasts that appeared to be plate-licking (to the slight embarrassment of mom and dad) good.

After saying so long we drove inland and up into Cascadia to visit the Metolius River, a favorite fishing site of my grandparents. We didn't find the exact site we were looking for but it was a beautiful place to visit anyway.

We ran into Sisters, which was a bit touristy for my taste but Mom enjoyed it.

Then we returned to Albany.

Tomorrow we'll head south.

It's been a great deal of fun so far and looks like even more fun is just down the road a piece. 


  1. I've eaten at Elmer's in Medford a few times.
    So I must've enjoyed it.

    1. Simple food done well with great service. Pretty much checks all of my boxes. They seem to be really great with kids, too.

  2. Yay, to Cold Springs Resort on the Metolius River, great fly fishing!
    Sisters is too tourista for me, but they do have a killer quilt shop, The Stitch'n Post, hope mom got to go in!

    1. We walked right by there to get to the book shop, which we could have done without. I couldn't believe all the people at the previously undiscovered Metolius. It was kind of like a hobo camp in places. Extremely pretty though.

  3. One of our "go to" restaurants in Albany. Always consistent and predictably good.

    So glad you and Sis could see daughter Erin and family. They're good people - solid folks.

    You weren't able to find "The Spot" at the Metolius? The coordinates I gave you didn't work? Rats. But you are right, it's a a beautiful area. Unfortunately, it has been discovered by, well, I won't go there. As for Sisters, well, I won't go their either.

    Thanks Shaun for all you've done for Great Strides and thus Elisa.

    Looking forward to reading more of your Left Coast travels.

    1. Erin and family are the best. Hoping they'll be able to visit the ranch when the kids are just a bit more travel-able.

      We actually got very close to the spot but were downstream and on the wrong bank. I should have printed out a map. I thought I'd have cell service and be able to use the phone. I've become a phone cripple!

      I'm really, really, REALLY glad I decided to pitch in with Great Strides.

  4. Your Mom does look cynical in that photo. Sort of " Doubtful
    Mom is Doubtful"

  5. The voyage continues!

    Great photos, I love the look of that river.

    1. It's beautiful but man, so many people. There were more there in 2 square miles than in the whole county back home. Times 2!

  6. Thanks for the post and photos. Stay safe in your travels and I am looking forward to your further posts.

    Paul L. Quandt