Friday, June 2, 2017

Wonder wheel

Another long but super day. Arrived in Albany 13 minutes ahead of schedule after driving across the state of Oregon. Stopped and looked at a lot of stuff along the way.

One of the stops revealed this.

Tomorrow morning is the big 5K. We had dinner with my cousin and her family this evening, such super people. Little Elisa is a doll.

Anyway, off to bed.


  1. I love travelogues!

    Amazing isn't it how the savages in society have to scrawl their mindless graffiti everywhere?

    1. The mindless savages -- good summation. They show their stripes when they do that.

      That Bill Banton fellow was born the year after the Civil War and lived until 1945. Looks like all but two of those years were spent on his farm/ranch in Oregon. Despite the graffiti that water-powered shed he built is still there and will be there after the mindless are gone. Well, som of them anyway.