Saturday, October 3, 2020


This morning, a new challenge. Windmill Hill. I've driven and walked up and down this hill countless times. Never before have I run it. It's a good one!

There are actually two approaches to the summit. The one I didn't show is alongside the fence. It's steeper and rockier. One I can go fast(ish) on, the other is more work.

Another beautiful morning in this part of the world.
Bunch grass growing in decomposed siltstone

Skunkbush sumac

It looks ratty as hell this time of the year

Smells marvelous though. The sunshine drives volatile oils into the air as the plant breathes. Sublime.

She loved that smell.

Lichenous former seabed

More skunkbush

My favorite image of the morning

Ants still not marching.


Yesterday as I was nearing the finish of my workout I got a text from a friend.

You are serious about getting in shape!

I'd been running smokebong hill, a 0.2 mile stretch of county road which gets progressively steeper as you go up. It's an ass-kicker. It's efficient from an exercise perspective because it combines running and climbing. I not only have to flog myself into a shambling run, I have to do so against gravity. And gravity is some serious stuff.

Smokebong hill is also out there in the reality of the edge of Kimball, so I was running where passersby could clearly see and giggle at my pitiful effort. My friend had passed by and obviously seen me.

My response: Kinda sorta. Body follows mind follows spirit

I believe that last to be a true statement. For me anyway. Can't speak for anyone else.

Compared to the me of a year ago (and especially of the me before that) I am in superb shape. Compared to my age cohort -- at least locally -- I am in superb shape.

So what do I do with being in comparatively superb shape?

Stay in shape. Get in better shape. Make progress.


I find a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in fighting to stay fit and to become more fit within the framework of my physical impairment. The spine/nerve problem I have makes working out harder than I like. But I also like a hard challenge.

I've mentioned here before some of the details of my spine/nerve problem; that the spine is stable and not going to be made worse by exercise, and that the docs I'm working with are completely on board with my workout routine, which not only keeps me healthy but also makes the acute swelling and pain at least a bit better through movement and increased circulation. The downside is pain, but I can fight through the pain and it eases markedly following the workout. I get stiff and sore like any sexagenarian, but in the morning I'm fresh and generally ready to go again.



Yeah, more skunkbush...


I do not wish to squander the gifts I have been given. I don't want to squander heartbeats better spent in giving back. I will not turn my back on gratitude nor step aside from appreciation.

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. I admire your knowledge of the geology of your ranch.

  2. It's cool to step on former seabed that's now 5,000 feet above sea level. A mind blower for me. And the Rockies are still growing, so the seabed is still climbing.

    Thanks Frank.

  3. Beautiful pics Shaun. Makes me feel like I'm right there.

    Stay well!

    1. Wilco and thanks Chris. Nature abounds with so much beauty it's impossible to describe. Images capture a lot of it, including the moving blabbing images. Wish I could share the direct experience but that tech is still over the horizon. Maybe someday.