Sunday, March 12, 2017

Disaster and reality

Okay, yesterday I revealed that I'd purchased an AR-15 pistol, and I hinted at the fact that I'd had a terrible mishap. It was unfair of me to throw a teaser out there like that but I kinda wanted to see if anyone would guess at the nature of the mishap in comments. Just curious.
AL-15 Stingray

Anyway, let's get that out of the way first. What happened is this. I mounted my Holosun red dot and Vector 3X magnifier and went out to sight the pistol in.

The way you do that, in a nutshell, is you put your sights on the bullseye of the target and fire a group. I usually fire three shots. Then you check the target, measure how far from the bullseye you hit, and adjust windage and elevation of the sight to move your point of impact to the bullseye. It usually takes me about five three-shot groups to do this.

My first group hit low and right, so I adjusted up and left. Second group was off the target. I took out half the initial adjustment and tried again. Still off the target. That ain't right. I checked to make sure the sight was firmly attached, and it was. Then I looked at the objective lens and saw the problem.
Lens isn't supposed to be tilted like that. The adhesive holding it in place failed.

Should be flat and secure like this.


And that's the extent of the disaster. No big deal, just the hassle of returning the sight for replacement or refund.

I had a ratty old spare set of Magpul flip up sights, so I slapped them on and sighted in. I was soon pinging 6-inch steel plates at 200 yards with ease. The pistol is a shooter!

This morning I dug out a ratty old Tasco RedDot and mounted it with the plan of sighting it in when I finished checking cows.

Well, there's a stiff west wind this morning, so I nixed that idea. Besides, there were calves hitting the ground all over the place! Work before play!
First meal!

Born in the night. Look at those big Simmental ears!

Moments old.

Now I don't want to get political here, but I do want to 'splain about the pistol vs rifle thing. A lot of people assume that it's an icky loophole in the law intended to murder babies in their cribs and hasten global cooling. As it turns out, it's a very good example of industry and government working together to achieve a good workable solution within the framework of the law. Here is the DOJ letter explaining the process and finding.

And here is a video which explains it much more better than I do.

Here's one on Short Barreled Rifles or SBR's.

And here's one on AOW's.

Might I just point out that assumptions and uninformed opinions are almost always different than factual reality, and that none of this information is secret or hidden from anyone.

A lot of people look at these kind of issues and think or opine that Shaun shouldn't be allowed to have an AR pistol. Because scary icky gun violence murder death kill! To which Shaun replies, "You shouldn't be allowed to own a car or a shovel or kitchen knives. Because scary icky car-shovel-knife violence murder death kill!

But you are allowed to, as am I, because America.

For those who would take my rights because they want the government to control me and because they don't care about this particular right, I say universalize the argument, if you have the guts to be honest and objective. It is, after all, your responsibility to do so. If you're an American anyway.

And now I must be off to tag more calves.


  1. Well, those who don't like firearms don't have to have them. However if you wish to keep the freedom which our predecessors bought for us, firearms are a necessity.

    Paul L. Quandt

  2. Nice bangy-thingie.

    Can't be evil, it's too pretty.

  3. I have an EoTech on my Evil Black Ruger AR-556.

    1. How do you like that? I heard EoTech got sued for making faulty stuff in an overseas child labor sweat shop while humming the theme from Shaft.

    2. I quite like it. I have had it on two different ARs, and it has always worked as advertised. I tend to overbuy, as I don't have to rebuy. I learned that lesson he hard way.

  4. Someone been on your case because of your recent legal purchase or your ongoing and long standing interest in firearms?

    Not my cuppa tea but I support you and the many many others like you who wish to exercise this fundamental right.

    As for MY rights - "I'll give you my shiny Airstream trailer and full size Ford pickup when you pry them from my cold, dead hands"! (apologies to Carlton Heston)

    1. I do get some "comment love" from time to time. I also often get -- from self-professed, fox-watching, cornservative rebooblicans mind you -- the "I don't think you need that" input. I trust screeching progressives more than those guys. At least the progressives are honest about hating you and wanting you in a reeducation camp.