Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Couldn't pull it off

Not with this equipment.

I had a post written and queued up for 0300 publishing. I thought. Nay, I was convinced that such was the case. It was not.

When I realized I hadn't actually sent it to scheduling and looked over what I had prepared, I recognized the hand of the Big Aircrew Chief. That post wasn't fit for human consumption.

So here we are.


I didn't quite get the workout in I wanted to yesterday morning. Mom and I had a mission lined up to hit the big city of Scottsbluff to resupply with chicken food, bird food, and people food.

Here's an interesting factoid, and one we all know. While chicken food is for the chickens, and bird food is for filling the bird feeders where the silent but energetic songbirds like to hang out, both birds and chickens are, well, birds.

The chickens could thrive on bird food and the birds on chicken food, but that's not how it's done.

People love to tinker with things. Those who are into feeding songbirds tinker by paying outlandish prices for plant seeds which have so little nutritive value that down through the last 15,000 years of ape-lizard existence they were the gruel that peasants and slaves subsisted on. The seeds do have a great deal of nutritive value to songbirds, but because most songbird-feeding ape-lizards have no idea of the actual monetary value of milo and millet and sunflower seeds, they are willing to pay a premium. They fall prey to marketing, convenient and colorful packaging, unsubstantiated and fantastic claims, and hearts filled with the desire to nurture songbirds.

There's nothing wrong with any of that, not up front anyway. On the backside there's a bit of a problem though. Most people in the first world have quite a shaky understanding of reality, and living out the songbird feeding fantasy skews their world view just a tiny bit more. In that sense it's just a little bit not good. But again, it's not wrong or bad. It's just ape-lizard.

The same thing happens with feeding recreational chickens. The upside of feeding both songbirds and recreational chickens is that you do get a lot of stuff in return. There's a great deal of pleasure to be had in watching and listening to both kinds of birds, and in the case of chickens, there are eggs. And Sunday chicken and dumplings. Except that most recreational bird feeders will never pull the trigger on that last one. Unless they get hungry enough. And on balance that would be a bad thing.

People are endlessly interesting, and their intrestingness is not infrequently vexing to other lizard-apes.

Anyway, we were scheduled to walk at 1045 for the 1100 go.

We actually got going by 1115, so that was good.

We went to Murdoch's for bird food and chicken food, and that went well.

We also went to Safeway for a few hard-to-get-in-Kimball items and that went well too.

And we went to The green Plate for lunch. I took and went and wrote about the place previously. Yesterday the specials were pan-fried chicken (meal) and Reuben (sandwich).

Mom had the Reuben. She said it was quite nice.

I had the chicken.

It was inedible.


So today I understand Sis was supposed to go before the judge. Haven't heard anything yet. The lineup of charges looked impressive to me. I'm hoping they'll find a way to keep her in the jug until she has her trial, but I suspect they will not. Bail is only a grand.

Anyway, lots of talking stuff through for Mom so I've been occupied with lending an ear.

It's another pretty day out albeit quite a bit more breezy than I like.

Be well and enjoy the blessings of liberty.

Unless you've jackassed yourself into jail. In that case, suck it up, drive on, and try to firetrucking learn something fercrissakes.


  1. I'll say a little prayer that she has her Moment of Clarity, and decides to get her head screwed on straight.

    One of our neighbors had chickens when we first moved in here, but we haven't seen them in a year or more. I doubt they went in the frying pan, though! I know they had a problem with the raccoons getting into their coop, and we do have Red Foxes in the area, along with some good-sized feral kitties, so I'll have to ask them what happened.

    They were fun to watch browsing their front yard, and then going back in when their kids did the afternoon round-up!

    1. Thanks drjim.

      Chickens can be a lot of fun and aren't all that much work, unless you do it for a living. Some of the best part is just watching them. Better than watching tee-vee!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Next door neighbors have chickens, I find them entertaining and not nearly as stupid as some people think.

    Hell, they were dinosaurs once, they've survived an awful long time...

    Prayers for your sister, sounds like she needs 'em.

    1. They are quite entertaining and enjoyable to raise. Pretty dinosaury too!

      Thanks Sarge. And thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I really miss my chickens. They were a crazy mixed batch, good layers, and fun to work in the garden with.

    Prayers up for your mom, this has to be hard on her. Good that you are there for her.

    1. Thanks Brig. It is hard on her. I'm glad I'm around to help with what I can.

      Chickens are crazy and fun. We sure enjoy them.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!