Thursday, January 16, 2020

New camera

Finally. I had some kind of a mental block against the new camera, but today I took it out for a test drive.

It's an akaso brave 4. Cheap knock-off of the gopro hero type action camera.

I got it mostly to do hands-free videos. Working outside, exercising, stuff like that. To do so I'm going to have to get a head or helmet mount. I'm investigating.

I tried to do some hand-held videos and they weren't terrible but I'm going to have to get used to how to hold the tiny thing, otherwise it'll be a mess.

The camera came with a waterproof case, and that thing snaps right into an adhesive dash mount, so it does pretty good taking driving videos. Inside the waterproof case, however, the mic can't pick up anything I'm saying, although it does pick up sounds directly transmitted through the pickup -- turn signal clicking, seat belt dinging, road noise, etc. I'll have to keep playing with it. Tell me what you think.


I ran into unexpected stuff that ate up a lot of time today. Just stuff. I also did six miles including 20 walking summits of smokebong hill. I think I'm figuring out how move without aggravating the nerve pain too much. Time will tell. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon and it'll all be a moot point, but if that doesn't work out it's good to know there may be an alternative. Nice to maybe have options.

Just so it's not a complete loss, how 'bout some Grumman Iron?

Be well and enjoy the blessings of liberty.


  1. Turkey Trots To Water. Could you drill out an opening by the mic opening on the camera? Is there an external mic jack? The World Wonders.

    1. Hahaha! I'm out here busting my ass making content, isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing?!?! Now I'm gonna go to my flag cabin and sulk. You just helped me solve a problem. I'll put that in my next post if i remember.

      I thought about drilling a hole and I may well do so. It looks like I can easily get any number of cases for cheap, so that's a low cost option. Because while I'm chasing IJN carriers out here in the Western Pacific I could get torpedoed and end up in the water at any moment, so I need a waterproof case.

      No external jack for a mic, but there are a couple of computer-thingy receptacles for those blade type plug thingies. I haven't read the manual yet, but I suspect I can plug in a lavalier or body mic. In theory you're supposed to be able to bluetooth it to your phone so it might be possible to use the phone as a wireless mic but now I'm getting into science fiction. There's also a spare back cover with two slits in it which may be for allowing the sound waves to get to the mic. Still playing around I guess.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Scott!