Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Wherein our hero almost accidentally gets a shack by mistake.

I was commenting over at The Chant earlier today. Using my phone because I was stuck in a waiting room whilst new tyres were being affixed to the Mighty Ranger.

Which I believe I mentioned in my comment(s). Spelling and all. Something in the post had pointed me down the Queen's English Spelling path. Sarge was describing the Squid antisubmarine mortar system, dreamed up by the Ministry of Silly Walks Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapons Development in Jolly Olde Blighty during The War, you know. Boaty McBoatface came up, along with British Humor. Or as sarge asked, Humour?

So of course I threw Royal Navy sailors and humour into the mix, along with at least one tyre.

Then I wondered if I was spelling all Brit-like due to it being "Battle of Nawlins Day" or something. And that was on my mind onacounta the ASCROC and Johnny Horton's rendition of "The Battle of New Orleans," two things which also sprang from out of nowhere over at The Chant recently.

I just pulled "Battle of Nawlins Day" out of my ass. I had no idea what the date of the battle might be, though I was reasonably certain it was during the War of 1812 ("In 1814 we took a little trip, along with Colonel Jackson down the Mighty Mississip...).

So just 'magine my surprise to find, when I looked it up on the whackomaedia and found that the battle took place on January 8, 1815. I was one day off (according to the interwebz). Completely by accident!

If all that there nonsense ain't stupidipity I'm sure I don't know what is.


Very nice out today. Breezy at first but that settled down by lunchtime. Air temps warmed up smartly -- 45 by 10 a.m. and a high of 53. Lots of ice melted and snow drifts continued to slump.

I tried a couple of video experiments. I left my phone camera running whilst visiting the dollar store and the auto shop. It worked okay but since my phone was on a lanyard around my neck it was swinging back and forth the whole time. So pretty much a failed experiment. But now I know. Don't feel like you have to watch. I severely chopped the second one. Should have chopped the first one too. Oh well.

The rest of the day was taken up with fence work, getting tyres mounted, and a little bit of writing. I added almost a whole sentence to a blog post I've been working on. More importantly, I cut a lot of garbage bee-ess out. For readability and all like that.

The tires (I know) are awesome. Very good all terrain with kevlar, brand name, $300 a pop installed.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be even nicer than today was. I'll do a little bit of light hill crawling to see how the tires behave. I almost can't wait for more snow and ice to give them a good workout. Almost.

Be well and enjoy the blessings of liberty.


  1. The Wheezers and Dodgers developed the Hedgehog, so they are Badger Approved!
    I have new tires on my F-150. Hancooks, which apparently, according to the guys at Farm and Fleet, have attained an almost legendary reputation for durability with the power company crews.

    1. The English language, particularly as applied and articulated by the English, is a bottomless chest of delight. I'm afraid I'm down with Alastair James Hay Murray on the Greatness of Great Britain.

      The Hancooks I had on the Mighty Ranger were dogshit, however, much (all) of that was my fault as I opted for 4-ply P-rated tyres in an effort to economise with regards to the quantity of bread I was attempting to hoard at the time. These new ones should hold up better, being 10 ply with kevlar belts and off-road design. Time will tell. If nothing else they look good as heck.

    2. Forgot to say "Thanks for stopping by and commenting Scott!"

    3. Am I just being polite when I say thanks for stopping by or am I trying desperately to drum up return visits? I know, but I don't know what I know. At least not in a knowable form.

    4. I always take it as written, even when it isn't there!

  2. So today is the anniversary of the Battle of Nawlins? May not be a shack but it's a 10-ring!

    You didn't know what you knew, did you? (I actually met Secretary Rumsfeld a cuppla years ago, I liked him.)

    1. I frequently (usually) (always) don't know what I know. But i'm very certain about it!

      And yes, this is the anniversary of the day 205 years ago when that poor alligator lost its mind. He did provide proof of concept for the ASCROC, so he died a hero.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sarge!

  3. "If all that there nonsense ain't stupidipity I'm sure I don't know what is." Serendipity is what it is ( or was ). It is a serendipitious person, you are.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. I thought that might be the case, but it's actually impossible for me to know what I know. However, I believe I know that I thought mashing up stupidity and serendipity was amusing to me.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Paul!

    2. I believe that I know that visiting your site nearly always brings a smile to my face and my day/night more pleasant.


    3. Thanks Paul. That's high praise indeed.

  4. $300 a pop for a tire? Dayum! That tire better sit up and beg, and do the dishes too! Wow!!!

    1. If they are as good as advertised, and considering what I rely on that truck to do, it's a reasonable investment. Besides, it's only $97 in 1980 bucks. Of course you could buy a packed-house E-Club a round for ten or fifteen bucks in 1980...

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!